Fashion Blogger Spotlight: Ashley of Rules to Life

Last week, we brought you petite plus blogger Darlene of Suits, Heels, and Curves.  This week, we head to Houston to meet up with Ashley of Rules to Life. 

Blogging for only seven months, Ashley uses her blog to share her journey towards greater self confidence and isn’t afraid to open up about dating, sex, and other intimate aspects of body confidence.  She also serves up her personal style, including her love of body con dresses.  With such an honest approach to blogging, she is definitely a blogger to watch!

Meet Plus Size Fashion Blogger, Ashley of Rules to Life!

Blog:   Rules To Life
Location:  Houston, TX

How long have you been blogging?  7 months

Plus Size Fashion Blogger, Ashley of Rules to Life

What or who inspired you to become a fashion blogger? What led you to it?
I have always had an interest in fashion but looking at how creative bloggers like GabiFresh, Damsel in Dior, & Chriselle Lim are, it inspired me to create a space for myself as well. I got into the fashion industry after trying to raise my self-esteem from a long dating battle. It actually really worked.

Do you blog full-time, for fun, as a hobby? Share your evolution!
Right now I blog part-time. My goal is to eventually blog full-time. My day job is accounting, and I have been sitting on this blog for over a year. When I started in March, I said I was going to really educate myself in the industry and push harder for this to become my full-time career.

What is your favorite asset? Your legs, arms, waist? How do you play that up?
Honestly, my favorite assets are my legs and my breasts. When wearing a top, I always show just a little cleavage, but not too much. Even though I have cellulite all over my thighs, I really love the way my legs look and how thick they are.

Plus Size Fashion Blogger, Ashley of Rules to Life

What are the challenges, if any, you face regarding being plus size?
My biggest challenge in being plus size is finding a healthy balance for me. There are times where I desire to lose a little weight for personal health, and there are times when I just can care less. I toggle between the two pretty often. I do want to be healthier, but I guess I’ve gotten so comfortable with myself that I don’t put in a lot of effort as often as I should.

What’s your favorite thing about being plus size?
My favorite thing about being plus size is the extra. I have extra breasts, extra thighs, extra hips, extra butt. It makes me feel good to have more to hold onto and embrace at any given time. I’ve always thought plus size women are sexy, and I’m just happy to be plus size.

What’s your favorite thing about being a blogger?
My favorite thing is self-expression and creativity. I’m able to create a space that women can come to for inspiration. That space may not look the same six months from now, because I’ll probably have changed six months from now. I’m excited about my blog being able to grow with me, and my audience seeing me grow in my blog as well.

Plus Size Fashion Blogger, Ashley of Rules to Life

Who/what are your favorite designers/brands?
Currently my favorite designers are Lala Belle & Jibri, and my all time favorite brand is Elvi.

Describe your personal style.
Honestly, my personal style is whatever I’m feeling that day.  My everyday style is very relaxed. I look for comfort in almost everything. Most of the time, I aim for minimal effort styles that don’t look like I just threw them together.

Which bloggers inspire you? Plus or straight size! Any bloggers currently on your radar?
Chriselle Lim has been on my radar for some time, and she inspires me a lot.  I also view Rach Parcell’s Pink Peonies quite often as well.

Plus Size Fashion Blogger, Ashley of Rules to Life

What do you think about where plus size fashion is today versus a few years back?
I feel plus size women have way more of a voice now than they did years back. I hear more celebrities who are not plus size speaking up on the average woman in America being looked over.

Now, I’m able to see plus size women actually walk the runway. I didn’t expect to see that years back, but now it’s giving me more hope in seeing plus sizes being included by high fashion designers. Plus size women should have just as many options when shopping as the straight women do. We are closer now than we were before, but we do still have a long way to go.

What do you think or hear from readers, is one of the biggest myths about plus size fashion?
That women with certain shapes are not supposed to wear certain clothing. I have all kinds of belly, and you cannot stop me from wearing a body con dress. I’ll just put on some shape wear, slap on my body con dress, and keep it moving.

I hear people in the industry not caring about opinions, but consumers seem to still think this way. I feel if you’re comfortable in whatever you’re wearing, regardless of what size or shape you are, rock it!

Are you working on anything or have anything to share? Anything else you want The Curvy Fashionista’s readers to know?
I’m getting ready to do a $200 giveaway for Jibri online. So people can definitely keep checking back at my blog or Instagram @rulestolifeblog to find out when to enter.

Plus Size Fashion Blogger, Ashley of Rules to Life

Lastly, what does Curvy.Confident.Chic mean to you?
To me it means to be happy with who you are and how you are before you make any changes, and without the permission of others.

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