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Fashion Blogger Spotlight: Allison of Inside Allie’s World

Did you enjoy catching up with Kellie of And I Get Dressed last week?  It’s so fun to have the chance to bring you so many amazing bloggers week after week!  The plus size fashion world is thriving, and this is in no small part due to the hard work and diverse voices of plus size fashion bloggers!  Today, we’re featuring another of our 20 breakout plus size bloggers of 2014, Allison of Inside Allie’s World

Allison has a ton of experience in the fashion world, having had turns as a plus size model, blogger, and designer as well as being a published author and accomplished media correspondent.  On her blog, she shares her love of fashion as well as food, lifestyle, and body image related posts.  Allison is a plus size blogger YOU NEED TO KNOW!!

Meet Plus Size Model and Blogger, Allison of Inside Allie’s World!!!

Height:  5’8”
Location:  New York
Plus Size Model and Blogger, Allison of Inside Allie's World
What made you want to become a fashion blogger?
I became a fashion blogger because as I was working in media in television and digital, I realized that I had unique experiences that I wanted to write about. I wasn’t seeing a lot of women like me on the red carpet, so I wanted to share what that was like. And I also just got tired of people telling me about “flattering” clothes, so I started sharing my outfits along with my experiences and it took off from there.

What are the challenges, if any, you face in being plus-size?
A unique challenge for me, because I’m very curvy, is to not have dresses that are shorter or tighter look too tight and sexy on me. There are things that smaller women can wear to work — like fitted silhouettes or skirts above the knee — that I really can’t because my curves can make look them too racy. It’s fun for going out on date night or with the girls. 

Other than that, I’ve always had this body, and I’ve gotten so used to dressing it that now it’s second nature.

I did recently get married which was a learning experience in terms of shopping for that. I chronicled what I learned on the blog and it got a lot of great feedback. The president of the company that designed my dress even wrote me a note saying that they loved the way I looked in the dress. That was a great moment.

What’s your favorite thing about being plus-size?
The same thing that can be a challenge is definitely something I appreciate as well. I love my curves, and I like to show them off.  I enjoy playing around with different silhouettes and prints that people say I shouldn’t wear. It’s fun to look great and prove people wrong.

Plus Size Model and Blogger, Allison of Inside Allie's World
What’s your favorite thing about being a blogger? A plus size fashion blogger?
What I love most about being a blogger is interacting with the women who follow me on social media. It’s great to have this space where we can get together and vent together, laugh together and talk about fabulous clothes, shoes, recipes, workouts etc. We have a lot of fun!

Who/what are your favorite designers/brands?
I have so many, it would be hard to list. But my go-to stores are definitely ASOS, Simply Be, Fashion To Figure, Ashley Stewart, Forever 21 and City Chic. I’m also SUCH a shoe girl, and I invest a lot into them. I love Louboutins and Jimmy Choos. I work very hard, and so I like to treat myself to a beautiful shoe. But I also love a great affordable shoe as well — like those from Steve Madden & Jessica Simpson.
Plus Size Model and Blogger, Allison of Inside Allie's World
Describe your personal style.
My style reflects whatever mood I’m in — it’s always evolving, but mostly it’s trendy, fun, a mix of high and low, and of course, sexy.

Any bloggers currently on your radar?
I have a long list of bloggers I follow. I love GarnerStyle.  I’m sure she’s tired of me fangirling over her. I also love Soraya from Style Is My Thing, Claire From Fashion Bomb Daily, Brooklyn Blonde, Gisella Francisca — there are so many.

Plus Size Model and Blogger, Allison of Inside Allie's World
Anything else you want The Curvy Fashionista’s readers to know?
Just to keep being fabulous and to feel free to join the conversations on my pages. We’re always having fun over there!

Be sure to check out Allison’s blog at Inside Allie’s World!

Do you dig her style? Which look is your fave? Let’s talk about it below!!


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