Daily Venus Divas launches Divas in Need

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I love a great cause. Especially one that focuses on helping another achieve a dream, a goal, or their well-being. This is where plus size lifestyle magazine, Daily Venus Diva, sister site to PLUS Model Magazine and part of VIE Publishing comes in. Divas in Need is an outreach program, recently launched, to “encourage women across the plus-size market to find their own empowerment, while providing them with opportunities to better their lives that they may not currently have access to.”

Seriously, this made me pause!    

One of the women in the plus size community who I hold so much love and respect for, Stephanie Penn-Danforth, Editor-in-Chief of Daily Venus Diva Magazine says, “Every Diva deserves to have her dreams come true, her wishes granted. This contest not only allows DVD to become a deserving woman’s fairy god mother, but it gives us the opportunity to introduce readers and contestants to plus-size friendly companies.”  

How does Divas in Need Work?

Every month, Daily Venus Diva will select one deserving entrant based upon their need, and work with plus-size business across the nation to contribute the necessary item.  The first business to announce their intention of working with this program is Sealed With A Kiss Designs.

Who does Divas in Need help?

According to Daily Venus Divas: “DVD is looking for women that need new attire, resume services, technology, or anything else that will help them land a new job, get that promotion, or succeed in a task that will better their lives and circumstances.”

Program Director and Editor Janie Mackenzie-Cohen shares:

“I am incredibly excited to speak with these women, learn more about who they are and listen to their stories.  

It’s seems almost impossible for DVD to select just one deserving woman per month to provide these services to, but we are thrilled that we have the ability to help strong women make the absolute best out of the opportunities they are presented with and thrive in all areas of their life!”

Seriously, how AMAZING is this?

If you are a business who wishes to participate, want to learn more OR if you are a Diva in Need, please visit: Daily Venus Diva.

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