Big, Bold, and NOT Oh So Beautiful… BBSize Under Fire For Offensive Article

Plus size site, BBSize dropped an awful article making fun of fellow plus size women and asserting their assumptions of style and fashion onto others...

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I got an email yesterday from a writer sharing her article for me to read and share thoughts on, and thinking this would be a fun read- I was wrong. Still irked and frustrated and after reading Fat Chic’s most recent post, it left me wondering if she received the same one as well.

You see, plus size fashion and all its attention over the last few months has caused quite a rise in the How-To articles about how to dress, how to look, what not to wear, have to accent your curves, and so on and so forth.  What is the irritating part is that the tone and the feel of these articles that leave one to question- are you plus size, are you familiar with the fashion options, and what are your motives? You know? Like trying to capitalize off the wave of plus size fashion and its traffic.

The BBSize Offensive Article That Offended Us So

For starters, the BBSize article poses itself as a fashion disasters piece:

Fashion disasters are fun to watch… as long as you’re not the victim! If you and your viewers want to see some of these fashion nightmares, you should definitely check out this article.  It’s packed with pictures of plus size fashion gone horribly wrong, as well as tips to look slim and sexy instead of fat and frumpy.

 Naturally, I was intrigued, wanting to know who this writer was, what tips could she have to share? I went over to the site, excited, that is, until I read the piece.

The BBSize article opens with different fatshionista’s OOTD’s (Outfits of the day) and about- well here is the opening statement:

As a curvier woman, you’re all about making a dramatic fashion statement. Rich colors, striking designs, and eye-catching patterns fill your shopping bags to the brim. Â After all the time and money you’ve spent finding those diva delicious outfits, it would be a shame to find out that those garments are bold, but not so beautiful.

Um, are you serious? But, wait… I know I am not tripping, but it gets better:

the point of being fashionable is to understand how your choices in clothing affect whether you look significantly slimmer or horrifically huge.

Are you serious? My curves are going to be here and are going to stay and the fact that I am curvy- no matter how I dress, these curves are going to be the same just more fashionable- hmph.

One of our biggest roadblocks, however, is that we don’t always make the best fashion choices. We accentuate what we shouldn’t, and we hide our best features.

She then goes on to highlight these pictures of different women around the web! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Without permission!

Accept those trouble spots for what they are “works in progress” and learn ways to make them look less noticeable.

  • Tip #1: Wearing darker colored clothing helps create a slimmer appearance.
  • Tip #2: Choose clothing styles that take the focus away from your problem areas.
  • Tip #3: Only wear clothing that makes you feel comfortable.

Light and bright colors stick out, highlighting every curve of your body to make both your good and bad features more noticeable.

After highlighting some of Beth Ditto’s outfits and several other women, she goes on to share:

Several fatshionistas live under the rule that if you’re already a big girl and you can’t hide it, then you might as well dress over the top.

She then goes on to tell us that we should stay away from horizontal stripes, ruffles, and shiny fabrics, as these only make us look fatter and add weight to our curves. I work in my yellows and pinks, my Norma Kamali horizontal striped sweater, and my shiny tops!

Okay. I could be tripping, but the 77 comments on this site seem to be on point with me, as I thought to myself, this chick is on some other stuff…

Please take a read (it will open in another window), and COME BACK and share your thoughts about this! Let me know!

Due to the response and emails, the site has taken down the pictures, AND the post!!!!! But has left the comments for you to enjoy

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  1. wow, marie… that article was a horrible joke! how dare she? i’m so glad there are women/bloggers out there like you that know how and what to do to embrace your curves and show others how to do the same!

  2. i am not even going to read it just your preview left a nasty taste in my mouth. This writer hates their own curves or just does not understand that plussize women do not have to hide. if u do not like my curvves turn around cause i will not hide to make u comfortable

  3. OMG. Who is this person? Better yet, best not to reveal in case of assassination. Seriously, I am all for speaking your mind online, but to use those pictures and tear people apart is just wrong. I’m sure people use pictures from the internet all the time, however, she made it personal and if I were in one..I’d seriously consider a defamation of character lawsuit with the quickness.

    In my humblest of opinions:
    Women should wear what they feel good in! I wore a black dress with heels for the first time in 10 years last Saturday. I was rockin’ it y’all! So, if you were in Lakeside Mall in Metairie, LA and you saw a diva on a mission—that was me. Or how about Esplanade Mall in Kenner, LA– you guessed it…that was me too!!

    True fashion comes from loving yourself and the power to let the world know it.

  4. The person writing this article definitely seems like someone who isn’t comfortable either being a BBW or isn’t comfortable with other BBW’s dressing to show off their curves and sexuality the way any confident woman would whether they are a size 2 or a 6X+. Every woman should dress the way they feel the best about themselves and trying to hide behind clothing so you blend because you’re a larger person is ridiculous.

  5. Oh My!! I am speechless. I don’t think this writer has any idea about fashion full stop let alone dressing your figure or even giving good advice. Your totally right to be frustrated!

  6. I recognize a lot of the photos from blogs I go to, and I like their fashion styles and bravado. Who wants to be the cookie cutter wallflower wearing the dark hip grazing jacket over black pants? The author makes some good points about buying from catalogs and how the models don’t represent actual fit. And, Beth Ditto is a performer, of course her outfits are going to be far to the left. This story had potential but left me with a bad taste in my mouth.

  7. Marie,

    When I read this I deleted the email and forgot about the post because of the poor taste in which is was presented. I am glad that you decided to bring this to light and feel that there are far to many people looking to take advantage of everything larger women are trying to accomplish in fashion.

  8. I wish I would have seen the article. Based on the comments, they certainly pissed off a lot of people. That’s the problem with the main stream fashion industry; most times they just don’t “get it”.

  9. I got the same message and disregarded it after I saw several recognizable faces from blogs I read. It was in poor taste and thankfully has been taken down but they are receiving great traffic because of it.

  10. Post deleted Marie. I’m disappointed – but from reading your recap it seems like the advice is not only conflicting it’s way off base. The full article is still cached in google just go there and type in the URL in search and then click the cache link underneath the result.

    Maybe that link will work for a few days until google re index.

    Basically they are saying be bold but look slim. I could say so much but for once I’ll keep the rest of my opinions to myself.

    V x

  11. Terrible. My first reaction to the piece was “WHO does this b—- think she is?” Then I answered my own question.

    More than she’s likely a woman of “size” (even if only a 6/8/10–I have NO idea who wrote this mess) who is so self loathing she can’t stand the thought of other women who aren’t “perfect” size 0/2 being happy and embracing their own fashion sense.

    Hey, a lot of the wild and crazy fashion items out there aren’t things I’d wear even if I was thin. I’m a RL and Talbot’s preppy (since I’m over 40, I think I’m supposed to call it “classic” now) but I love the fact that those more adventurous than I NO MATTER WHAT THEIR SIZE can and do!

    Keeping on rockin’ your own personal style, ladies!

  12. @dany – Hold on a min. there. I am a GREAT GRANDMOTHER who is looking to change my image…for several years I was not well and let myself go to the point of looking frumpy, and now I want to put forth the rokin ggma image. In all seriousness, that article was written for those not in the know. A

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