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Bag Lady: My Quinn Bag and HOBO Bags Celebrates 10 Years with the Lauren

Bag Lady: My Quinn Bag and HOBO Bags Celebrates 10 Years with the Lauren

Fall Holiday Lauren Hobo Clutch

This fall marks the 10th anniversary of Hobo Bags most iconic wallet, the Lauren.  To commemorate, Nordstrom is releasing their own exclusive Laurens for Fall/ Holiday. But before I get into this, let me share with you my latest Hobo Addition to my closet. I have owned a few pieces from them over the years and I dig them, and today, I am sharing with you my newest piece:

Hobo Bags The Quinn

I am really hyped about this bag, from their fall collection, The Quinn in Grey. I didn’t have a grey bag before this… and something about this color had me intrigued! Add to this the MOUNTAIN full of pockets, zippers, and compartments!?! DUDE. Wait. And the leather? Sooo damn supple.

THIS was my perfect travel bag while in New York for fashion week and my jaunt over to Milan! I literally had my life in my bag, without feeling overwhelmed! And being the organized Virgo that I am, these gazillion compartments made my life feel like heaven! I rocked my bag as a cross-body, perfect because of the adjustable straps!

Thanks you Hobo for sending me this bag, ‘cause I think I would have had to play in a few more pieces to get JUST what I needed! BUT, let me tell you the even cooler news:

HOBO Bags Celebrates 10 Years with the Lauren

 Fall Holiday Lauren Hobo Clutch

The Lauren remains Nordstrom’s best-selling wallet, and a “favorite of A-listers like Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Vanessa Hudgens, and Katherine Heigl,” who also sometimes use it as a clutch purse. I DO! I have a version of this wallet from HOBO in a bronzed gold color, maybe it is a bronzed brown? I love it nonetheless and for me, it IS my clutch. Anywho…

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Fall Holiday Lauren Hobo Clutch

You can cop the Lauren, depending on the finish, for $110- $128. This fancy lady marries function and fashion sooo seamlessly.  This bag features a double frame interior, with multiple card holders and zipper pockets, and even room for a cell phone, keys, and lipstick. I have even packed in a small point and shoot in the bag too! AND my phone.

You can learn more about HOBO, the collections, and shop NOW, on their site- HERE

Are you a fan of HOBO? Have you copped a few pieces from their collections? Let me know!

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  • Wow I can’t see myself spending that much for a wallet. Just bought my last one at Burlington for 10 bucks though–that’s where I am price range-wise. I would have to poke my eyes out if I lost a wallet that cost me more than the cash in it.

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