in Compiles a Series of Surveys to Reveal the NEW Plus Size Shopper

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I read this this morning and knew immediately that I had to share with you! Over the past year, there have been quite an impressive amount of surveys taken by both the plus size community and retailers, gauging, proving, and defining today’s plus size woman- The NEW Plus Size Shopper. On the search to find her likes, dislikes, and what she wants, compiled all of these surveys together to paint a fabulous picture of what we want and who we are…

Surveys from ModCloth’s revelations about the plus size consumer, Plus Model Magazine’s Survey about what we really want to see, and the Just My Size Survey about plus size women and confidence were key surveys used in this!

The NEW Plus Size Shopper Compiles a Series of Surveys to Reveal the NEW Plus Size Shopper on The Curvy Fashionista

A few key takeaways about the NEW Plus Size Shopper:

  • 94.8% of women do not consider a size 6, 8, or 10 a plus size model
  • 91.4% of women want to see a model larger than a size 12 in advertisements
  • 61% of plus size women are more confident about themselves than they were five years ago
  • 51% look to websites and blogs for fashion inspiration versus 16% for magazines
  • Plus size women represent 16 BILLION of retail revenue

How about that for inspiration? Make sure you share this everywhere so that these retailers, marketers, publicist, buyers, designers, and whomever else has a hand in influencing plus size fashion we see and buy can process the NEW plus size shopper!

It only makes sense that they would take this in and let it marinate so perfectly, right? From a business perspective anyways. I have raised many a thoughts about this in a few posts too! Make sure you check out these below:

So what do you think about these facts shared? Do you see yourself reflected here? Do you agree? Disagree? Care?

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