In order to keep you Curvy.Confident.Chic, The Curvy Fashionista receives compensation from select advertising, sponsored posts, and affiliate relationships.  If a post or article on this blog is not marked as a “Sponsored Post,” then know it is something that I stand behind, am in love with, or desperately want or have to have.  Reviews on this blog are an optimistic, personal, and honest opinion and should be viewed as such.

While you may disagree or may not be in love with the products shared as I may be, I endeavor upon my fashionable pursuits to you with the finite details about the items on my blog to offer you the chance to make an informed decision.  Comments and feedback is always welcomed (even if you disagree!).

Affiliate Relationships

The Curvy Fashionista maintains an affiliate relationship with many of the brands, sites, and products featured on this site.  Many of the links contained on this site are affiliate marketing links and banner ads.  Just as if you were to go shopping, The Curvy Fashionista receives a small commission from these sales.  Regardless of whether an affiliate relationship exists or not, I ONLY feature products that I shop from, love, or think you will find useful.

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Advertising Relationships

Like most online publications, we accept paid display advertising, both directly and through 3rd party ad networks like BlogHer and Google AdSense.  Since the majority of the ads are selected based on our content and to appeal to our demographics, some of our content may be from an affiliate or a advertiser.  At no time will a past or present advertising relationship affect the content, topics, or opinions in our editorial features.

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Editorials and Sponsored Posts

Although used sparingly, The Curvy Fashionista may occasionally include editorial content that is paid for by the advertisers, written by one of our editors or by the advertiser, and then edited by one of our editors.  All sponsored posts that recommend a product, brand or site will be clearly marked as being a “Sponsored Post” and/or listed under “Reviews.”

Product Reviews

As a Curvy Fashionista, I provide objective and  honest reviews on many products including skin care, beauty, books, shoes, jewelry and clothing.

When it comes to beauty and skin care products, samples are usually provided to us free of charge so we can experience firsthand what the products looks, smells, and feels like, and needed in order to write a thorough review.  Know that The Curvy Fashionista reviews products I truly like, consider to be must have, and would or have purchased already.  If the product was sent to me to review, I will state this in the post.

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