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A Plus Size Talent Show- across the pond: it’s the XL Factor

Forget Britain’s X-Factor when they now have The XL Factor! Yes! You heard me right! Britain is gearing up for their plus size version of the X- Factor, conveniently named the XL- Factor. Just when you thought our curves were only to be exploited showcased throughout the summer, it was announced earlier this week that auditions for Britain’s “The XL Factor” were underway.

So what is the XL Factor?

Imagine if you were to marry American Idol and Dance your Ass Off, and you add the premise of the X Factor, you get a competition whose only criteria is that performers are at least a size 18.

The XL Factor is scouting all across Britain, four sassy divas to form a girl band and find the line-up for a cabaret group called Moulin Huge.

One of the judges for this show is Rik Wallen, former Pop Idol star who shares his excitement that “This will give people a chance to perform without their looks being taken into account.”

As stated in the, Rik Waller goes on to share “People shouldn’t have to go to a separate audition just because they’re big, but the truth is that it’s hard if you’re larger. There’s always this stigma attached where you’re seen as ‘that fattie’ and it’s difficult to be taken seriously. This will give people the chance to perform without their looks being taken into account.”

What do you think of this? Are you excited? Do you feel that this will level the playing field?

Your thoughts about this are so needed! I personally, am quite intrigued, given the premise behind this…we shall see.

Oh and if you want to read the full article, you can do so here!

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