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A New Declaration for Your Curves- Disismi

What woman does not want to feel fabulous and comfortable in her knickers? How about when all that sass you have is right here, underneath it all? What do I mean? Well, first let me say, I love, love, love finding really cute new brands that cater to the Curvy divas and this new find in no exception! Are you familiar with Disimi? 

My new find, nestled in the Netherlands, was created for to bring the FUN back to lingerie! So what brand am I talking about? Ladies, I share with you Disismi!

Inspired by the saying This is Me, Disismi was created specifically for the woman with the larger bra cup sizes C-K, bringing high quality and a fresh look, inspired from Sex and the City characters!

Meet Larger Cup Bra Brand- Disimi

The name Disismi was inspired by the saying “This is me”, which means that not only the style is coming directly from Jackelien Struik’s own heart, it also comes from her strong belief that all women are beautiful the way they are! Tall or short, large or thin, blond or red…

Created by industry veteran Jackelien Struik, she also runs Viva La Diva B.V., a trend & training studio for Body Fashion, as a consultant for several large companies in the Netherlands. Being a women blessed up top as well, Jackelien decided to create a new line with much more ‘Fun’ than the existing brands.

What really moves me about this brand is the name and the message that exudes from the pics, and the name itself! This is me! What a better way to declare your curves!

You can peruse the collection at!

Disismi does not sell in the U.S. yet, but please take a look and tell me what you think? Are you loving the concept, thought, or idea?

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Written by Marie Denee

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