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A Grandmother’s Influence

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I am blessed to still have my lively and spirited grandmother with me. A woman whose influence has resonated with and throughout the generations. In this second post from the sponsored Wells Fargo series I’m sharing, I have been asked to reflect upon a video from “The Untold Stories Collection.” The story that resonated with me the most is the one by Miss Beverly Simpson!

I am honored and grateful to let you into my life a little bit as I share about the matriarch of my family, and how her pursuit for education has impacted me!

A Grandmother's Influence- MyUntold

Nanna, the Matriarch.

Nanna, the Scrabble Queen.

Nanna, the Wordsmith.

Nanna, the Evangelist.

My Nanna, Marie C. Leggette, whom I was named after and who has had such an influence over my being a nerd, having a love for words, playing a mean game of Scrabble, and why I have my MBA in marketing and why I went on to teach at college.

Let’s start at the end and go back, shall we? As I shared in my last Wells Fargo Post, my Nanna STRESSED education. The day I graduated with my Bachelors, she was already planning my MBA journey. For her, “your education is the one thing no one can take from you.” One thing, that my grandmother made sure that I knew, lived, and breathed.

A Grandmother's Influence- MyUntold Being from the generation that my grandmother was from, and the societal norms, my grandmother married young. While raising five children, my grandmother pursued her bachelor’s degree while my grandfather went to work. But, she did this on the low… sneaking to get her degree, my grandmother kept her schooling a secret, as it was not so popular to do so at that time. She was raising a family; being a doting wife, present in church- what did she need a degree for?

But she did it. Graduating from Whittier College, she did it.

But she did not let her pursuit for education stop there.

She shared her story, like Miss Beverly Simpson did, about her memories of education, the feelings, the impact it had on her life, and she made sure I knew about it and never took it for granted.

Please, watch the Wells Fargo “The Untold Stories Collection” Video of Miss Beverly to see what I mean:

What did my grandmother’s influence? How did it impact me?

Growing up, my Nanna would have me reading and studying out of the dictionary/encyclopedia sets (remember those that had those grade level quizzes in them? Those.) and testing my knowledge with a few rounds of Scrabble. Now? Try me in Scrabble, I am a beast with a two letter word.

A Grandmother's Influence- MyUntold

Dare not ask her how to spell something… sounding it out and looking it up were her defaults. Now? I have a fascination with words, word play, and language. (I also speak Japanese- rusty but it is there)

She made sure that her grandchildren had some kind of help and support, by assisting with our book costs for school (AMEN!?!) I may owe Sally Mae, but my education is mine! Something that has helped lay the foundation for this entrepreneurial journey I am on.

She was fully vested and supportive while I went to Riverside Community College, transferring to Cal State Fullerton (Go Titans), and eventually Univ. of Phoenix! She never let me give up when at times I could never see the end.

Like when I was doing five things too much (commuting two hours in traffic for 30 miles, working full time, going to school full time, coaching HS cheerleading, and VP of a club on campus) and got kicked out of school due to a bad first semester at CSUF. My Nanna kept me focused and centered.

Now, my Nanna is at almost every event, she shares my blog with her church friends and whoever she sees that could find something of use on here.

A Grandmother's Influence- MyUntold My education is one thing I never take for granted. Having access to school, knowing how it could help me, and why I needed to take advantage of it. Thanks to my Nanna, I still have a passion for education, helping others, giving tips, and sharing my educational story with others!

Maybe this is why I eventually taught for two semesters at Woodbury College! I loved it, and eventually want to get back to teaching… who knows where and how this influence will show itself!

A Grandmother's Influence- MyUntold I am so grateful for my Nanna sharing her stories with me, her passion for education and words, and her never letting me give up or quit!

What stories have been shared with you that have influenced YOUR life? I am curious and want to read them!

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Wells Fargo.

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