7 things I am Thankful for this Thanksgiving

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I hope that today, you are enjoying time with the family, friends, and loved ones! As I get myself together to head on over to a friend’s house for some great Turkey cheer, I wanted to share with you a little bit about what has been going on in this head of mine and just what I am thankful for this year.

You know, with FOMO (fear of missing out) being so real, it is very easy to get caught up in the things that you do not have or what xyz has/is doing! HOWEVER, if you focus on these things for too long, you will miss out on the littlest of life’s blessings and can, at times, miss your own!

So what am I thankful for?

Before I answer this, I have to share, that this year has been such a momentous one for me, personally. It has been a year of growth, revelation, strength, and actualization of who I am.

I have been unpacking baggage, have fallen in love, and have successfully been thriving, for a full year and some change in Georgia, sans family! This is me being an uber big girl, facing fears and being receptive to the life lessons!

Which leads me to the…

7 Things I am Thankful for This Thanksgiving

My Faith In God

While I do not always share a lot of my personal life (I am trying to do more of this), faith is so strongly centered on who I am and what I do. However, my walk, while living here has surely become one that I could not live without.

My faith has helped me mitigate fear, remedy worry, and deliver understanding as I have faced some of the biggest transitions with my self-confidence, business, and quality of life.

Prayer and faith has helped strengthen my resolve with more than a few situations, especially when I forget what I asked for! You have to be careful right?

But most of all, my testimony. Being able to share my walk with other entrepreneurs and friends?

I cannot share HOW I did anything WITHOUT sharing and talking about HIM! But is in my sharing that I am taken aback at how far I have come and have grown!

The Patience and Love of my Family

I am an auntie three times over. My newest one, Silas, you have probably seen pics of on my personal Instagram! BUT, since I have moved, I do not get to spend as much time with my babies as I want to, with my sister and mother as I want to, with my Nanna and ailing Poppa as I want to, but they are so supportive of my leap of faith in moving and growing!

I do feel bad and miss them HARD.

Some days much more than others… BUT, they have been at all of my events in one shape or form! Especially in Cali, BUT if you are in Atlanta, you will get to meet many of them for TCFStyle Expo 2016!

I do miss them much and try to get back as much as possible! (I know that Delta is happy about this one)

In addition to them, I also have to say a special thank you to my cousin (on my father’s side) Kristin. You see, she has been RIGHT THERE pushing me forward, calling me on my stuff, and challenging me to do and be better. Without her, there would not be a lot of what we have done and will do for 2016. Thanks boo!

Seeing, Understanding and Receiving Love

Yes. Self-Love, love for others and being in love. All of these things. I am grateful for situations and life’s lessons that have revealed themselves to me, to show me how to love myself… I would always minimize, shirk ownership, or deny myself this.

All while not even realizing that I do it! I had been so accustomed to putting MY personal needs and wants second that I didn’t even realize that in order for me to grow, develop in my career, and to have, receive, and to be in love, I had to have an honest and hard look at JUST how I love myself.

By doing so, I have learned to be my own advocate, speak positivity into my life and heart, and welcome others in. Doing so has allowed a special friend (I’ve referenced him as boo friend) to pour into me in ways that I never thought possible. I am so, so, so, sooooo blessed to have someone who rides so hard for me and believes in what I am doing, sometimes even before I see it!


Articulating how I feel about this man is quite hard to put into words, but I have to say and share that by him being here, in my life and heart has surely been a blessing that I will always be grateful and thankful for.


All of you! You reading this, those who come back day after day, week after week, to read, like, leave comments…. I am thankful for and grateful to you! To those of you who email, leave comments, asking me to do more, give more, and share more, I thank you. The words of kindness, the support, and the encouragement? I THANK YOU.

5I honestly do this for you guys and for you to be out there reading along with me, growing with me, and daring me to do more? I cannot thank you enough.

I promise to keep it going! I hope you are ready for 2016, because the way our calendar is set up? It is about to be soooo much fun!

The TCF Team

The TCFStyle Expo Recap and Video!Mannnnnnnnnnn. With all of these ideas, events, posts, and social media, I cannot do this alone! It is funny, you know… prayer. I had asked God for an increase in resources for this vision he gave me… because no man is an island, right?! NOW? I have help both online and off!

I am able to sometimes take a day to myself and not stress, because they got me! They see the vision, the direction, and call me out on things that do not make sense… ha! I love it. I push back to them with their aspirations, giving back to them what was given to me. I am grateful and full.


My New Georgia “Family”

This is such a cool feeling. Blogger buddies, some work buddies, and a few new buddies, I am grateful for my Georgia family who has had me over to their house (or over here to mine) for whatever holiday or occasion! The family who invite me out (to get me out of the house- I tend to be a homebody) for a party or two or just because!

Those who I have known before I moved here, but the second I got here, have welcomed me into their hearts and homes so effortlessly. I am grateful and blessed, because moving across country by myself can get lonely real quick.

They make me feel loved and welcome and for that, I thank you!

These Seven Years of The Curvy Fashionista

OMG, ya’ll.


Next month, the blog turns seven!

Holy cow.

My #TCFTurns5 Party Look on The Curvy Fashionista

I have been working my passion for 7 years! It has been such a roller coaster too! To be able to turn my passion into my profession? Honey, this thing is NOT for everyone, but I am grateful for having the patience and drive to stick it out!

As I enter into my next chapter of the blog, I have to say that I have learned so much about myself, WHO I am, WHY I am, and WHERE I am going with this dream, goal, and baby of mines! I have grown as a woman, learning JUST how strong I am, because this vulnerability thing is NO JOKE. Learning how to stand confidently in your own brand and business without the covering or protection of another business? THAT is hard. While I am still working on this and realizing a few things, I can say that WHO I AM today is NOT the same Marie in December of 2008!

This blog has helped me develop and learn to love myself in ways that I did not know was malnourished! And taking this journey along with YOU? I could not be more blessed!

So as you prepare your Turkey, stuffing/dressing, greens, yams, sweet potato pie, cabbage, and mac and cheese, please know that I am thankful for You and I hope you have an amazing day loving on your family and friends!

See you back here tomorrow!


Happy Thanksgiving!

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Written by Marie Denee

I am the Editor in Chic of The Curvy Fashionista. Often goofy. Forever emo. Always a Virgo. You can find me somewhere grooving to 90s R&B.

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  1. Very well said! It was from the heart and thought provoking. You reminded me to be thankful for what I have now, take time for myself and love life! Kudos to you and keep up the great work!

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