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6 Ways To Self Love The Way You Deserve To Be Loved

6 Ways To Self Love The Way You Deserve To Be Loved

Hey friends! Can I be honest? A couple of weeks ago I had a major insecurity trip and almost full out meltdown. Why? Because although I’ve always been thicker than a snicker, I’m at the most I’ve weighed and worst I’ve felt since ever. It is extremely challenging to have self love.

I’m a mom of 3 and having this third baby has taken my self-care all the way out of wack and it’s showing! I wasn’t feeling good about myself and I took to social media to share because:

  1. I know that we all have moments of self-doubt. Some of us have completely kicked it to the curb after fully embracing ourselves while others (like myself) still struggle from time to time.
  2. My followers and friends on social media are every insecure girls dream come true. Sometimes you have to use other people’s sight until yours comes into focus.

The Struggle

The response I received from them was everything I needed to get myself back in check and begin making the moves I needed to in order to see myself as the strong, beautiful, talented queen that I am. But here’s the thing: I know that I’m not alone in this self love struggle which is why I’m sharing this with you.

Here are 6 Ways of Better Self Love:

6 ways to love yourself
Infograph via Curvy Girl Lingerie

How dope is this infographic? 

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Living in a world that tells you that in order to be deemed beautiful by the masses you have to be a certain weight, height, shape, or color… it’s hard when you don’t fit the mold. Sure, standing out and being an individual is amazing, but sometimes it doesn’t feel good to stand out. This is where incredible self love comes into play.

Self love, self acceptance and positive self worth are all things that can be hard to dominate but you aren’t alone.

If you’ve struggled with self love in the past, drop a tip on how you learned to own, love and rock the person you are today so we can continue to uplift each other! 

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