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5 Things I Love About Atlanta and What I Learned About Me

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Okay. So if you haven’t heard… I have been in Atlanta for about 6 months and some change now… can you believe it?! Whoa. Although most of the first few months were spent flying back and forth for obligations and events, I must say that time has gone by fast and I honestly do dig it here and am surprised I hadn’t thought about moving here sooner!

Being a military brat, I had grown used to moving every couple of years and in California, I had been itching to grow and evolve into ME, but I needed something to shake it all up. Albeit a bit abrupt, I uprooted myself from Cali to Georgia and I could not be more happy for this change. I have already started to see my own personal growth, my mother in me, and how this has been such a positive impact on my life!

Compared to SoCal, I thought to fashion this post to share with you a bit into what is going on in my personal space and life! This list? A few of you had asked me how I am doing since my move, what I love and hate and like and just an overall vibe for this city… so today, I am going to give it to you! Are you ready? Like really ready? Hehehe…

5 Things I Love About Atlanta and What I Learned About Me

    1. I LOVE the change of seasons. It is so foreign to me. Being a Cali girl and then an island girl before that, I haven’t really known all the four seasons so clearly. I find myself mesmerized by this and NOW? Right now? We have this pollen mist, leaving a layer of yellowish orange on the cars, floor and everywhere- soooo fascinating. Thank GOD I have no allergy issues, or I would be down for the count.

    1. TREES and BIRDS and Squirrels OH MY! I literally live in the woods. I am surrounded by trees and dense vegetation and I love it… not the fancy palm trees. NOPE. Hell my complex has the word “Wood” in it. The birds? They chirp so happily, while the squirrels dash across the backyard. Oftentimes I will take a few moments to gaze out and maybe chat with them… lol

    1. Hello Quality of Life. I mean for me, proximity to downtown, how much living here does not cost, always having something to do and this new start for me? I have my own. My second room is my office (you saw it here) and I have SPACE. I feel grown, ready to take on other aspects of my life- love perhaps? Dating? All of those things that I have been a late bloomer to! But all this means is that I get t o go out more! More fashion and blog events, more social events, expect to see more Instagram posts!

  1. What Traffic? MANNNNNNNNNN everyone swears that traffic here is horrible. I mean, it does have its days, but for the most part? It doesn’t have anything on LA Traffic, and for that, I can live and breathe… Like I can be to most places in the city within 30 mins… I will happily take that. (there are some awful parts, but parts nonetheless) In SoCal, it took me 3 hours and 30 mins to get 45 miles on a Friday… NOPE.
  2. The FOOD. Like, there are soooo many restaurants, tastings, events, and brunch spots that make this all an experience. Hell, even the fast food is an experience. Zaxby’s? Krystal’s? BoJangles? Checkers? I am not sure it is because of where I live or the location, but a sista can easily get lost in a few great meals!

But what have I learned about myself? Right?

I need to take time out to live. I used to party. I used to always be out. Now? I relish in my alone time, my braless, hair still in my wrap, TNT binge watching weekends. I love to host others, but for alwayyyyyyys being out? Naw. I miss the days to kick back and chill and hang out with the girls and at times, DO NOTHING. Doing nothing is sooo good for the soul at times. I was reminded of this when my girls took me out two weeks ago.

OnStar is a Lifesaver. Look. Me and OnStar hang tough. Like, everywhere I go, I use it and she guides me around town and gives me my sense of security like no other. Sometimes the agents remember me… I try to play it off though. Other days, I unashamedly admit, “yes, I just called you two hours ago, I am going to another new place.” But for this new chick in a new town? OnStar is the only way I travel with confidence and get home safely. IJS.

I am ready to settle down. Did I just say that out loud? Did I just type that? Yeah, I did. Funny thing is, I hadn’t had this feeling until last year-ish. Maybe because of a special and dear new close friend I have found, but those thoughts are starting to rise and I find myself asking questions or thinking thoughts I never thought I would… It is funny that it took me moving across the country to figure this out. But yeah, the once domesticated Marie is knocking at the door again asking bachelorette Marie to play. IONO. Maybe my sister having a new baby (have you met my nephew, Silas?) that probably kicked things into high gear… I don’t know… but it is there.

Say Hi to Silas!


Park Time with family!!!

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Nothing happens by accident. I have always known this. But when you see yourself in these moments of clarity and understanding? Ha! I have been in this interesting transition of a space both personally and professionally and I love it. As I step into this new chapter, phase, and space seeing my growth from last year to now, from two years ago to now, mannnn I am so blessed. Those who have come and gone (or stayed), served life lessons, who enhanced, and who challenged me have all been blessings and on purpose in my journey and for that, I am both grateful and blessed.

Tia Marie Denee
I do miss my babies though…

So these are just a few thoughts I thought I would share with you as I am still getting my footing in Georgia! I am still trying to get the hang of the freeways here, but for the most part, I love it here!

What about you? Have you made big leaps and changes? What did it teach you? What did you learn?

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Written by Marie Denee

I am the Editor in Chic of The Curvy Fashionista. Often goofy. Forever emo. Always a Virgo. You can find me somewhere grooving to 90s R&B.

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  1. I also live in Atlanta, by way of a tiny town home to Little Richard and Otis Redding. I find the city is a little overwhelming at times, but I am sure that is just me. I read your blog for several reasons, not just the fact that you are fabulous. I truly appreciate your representation of real women in fabulous attire. I wish I had the guts, but until then, it’s a blast to dream. It’s is wonderful to see the joy that you have found in the deep South. Have a happy Friday and don’t forget to try the IMAX and cocktails at Fern Bank. It’s a fun laid BACK Friday idea.

  2. I loved this post and I’m glad you moved to Georgia! The first time I moved here was for college in 07, I moved back last September and it has been a journey. I can relate to much of what you said as well. I love the diversity of this place and the opportunities as an entrepreneur. My children have tons of options too. Nice to hear that your getting settled and coming into your own!

  3. I love this post. I’m a native Atlantan and it warms my heart to see your appreciation for the city. If you like live music, check out the Friday Night Music Remix at The High Museum.

  4. Hi Marie! Great post and fabulous blog. I am glad you are getting settled in and enjoying Atlanta. My leap of faith is when I moved from Michigan to Atlanta 10yrs ago as well. By moving here, I grew up! I looked at life differently. I did a blog post on my move as well. I hope to see and meet you soon around Atlanta. 🙂

  5. This post was right on time. I to am working on my evolution from girl that hides to girl that holds her head high. Thanks for sharing your journey. Looking forward to your next post.

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