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12 Reasons Why Plus Size Fashion Has Room to Grow

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Over the past 10 years, plus size fashion has evolved into an industry that is daily pushing the envelope in options for the plus size woman. Heck, even more so in the past three years, each month plus size fashion hits a new milestone, crosses another boundary, or challenges the status quo…


But this does not mean that we can settle, slow down, or accept our progress with a “We have made it” mindset. No, not at all. As a matter of fact, with all that has happened over the past few years, these are only reasons why we must still continue speaking up, encouraging, challenging, and celebrating those who make inroads in this industry and I have a few reasons why! This does NOT mean that I disregard where we are and where we have come from, this just means that in order for plus size fashion to have a respected and representative place, we must charge on!

12 Reasons Why Plus Size Fashion Has Room to Grow


  1. Situations like Toronto Fashion Week, where attendees are laughing at the plus size models for the fact that they were plus size models. This disgusts me and YES, it happened.
  2. There aren’t at least five plus size fashion courses in the fashion schools across the US. If we want to inspire and foster an environment where designers understand the plus size woman’s body, this also starts in school.
  3. Project Runway, Ven Budhu, and Terri only magnify an ignorance of the plus size woman and her desires for fashion.
  4. Robyn Lawley became the first “plus size” model for the Ralph Lauren campaign, which is interesting to me as he has long had a plus size range…
  5. There are NO BEAUTY CAMPAIGNS that feature a plus size model. Actress? Yes, thanks to Queen Latifah and Covergirl. Yearrrrsss back, we had Emme, Jordan Tesfay did Cover Girl. Kate Dillon was face of Isabella Rossellini Manifesto perfume and Nine West ads… but since then? (Thank you @Curvesmart for the info!)
  6. Speaking of beauty campaigns, let’s also look at accessory brands; (size is not an issue here) yet there are NO plus size models owning an accessory campaign.
  7. The fashion magazines (asides from Marie Claire and Vogue Curvy ) are JUST starting to embrace plus size fashion with inclusion into their magazines and websites (Lucky Magazine and InStyle Magazine- Thank you!).
  8. Despite plus size mannequins moving at their highest rate, brands are still insisting on rocking with a size 6/8 model to represent the plus size woman, when the plus size woman is DEMANDING models with more size diversity.
  9. The fact that plus size fashion still is mostly an online only experience for most of us, leaves room for brands and retailers to bring this experience in store.
  10. To follow up on this, retailers are still scaling back plus size fashion in their store. Macy’s is rumored to be pulling out plus sizes in certain stores, SAKS pulled out, and while Neiman Marcus is dabbing its toe in plus sizes, online only. Nordstrom still remains to be one of the few high end department stores that has over 100+ plus size sections IN STORE.
  11. During Fashion Week, a designer using a model, of at least a size 12, are still rare occasions and become “newsworthy” when they do.
  12. Straight size brands are starting to see the $$ money to be had or made in this niche. Some are starting to extend sizes while others are partnering with department stores to venture into the plus size market: Vince Camuto, Splendid, Nation, Bellatrix, and Lucky Brand are a few.

These are 12 reasons why I feel that we must charge on and continue to push the mark. I love how far we have come in my four years of blogging, BUT we still have ways to go! While I have identified a few obvious and some not so obvious reasons, the point is, there is still so much that we can do and as shoppers, supporters, and women who live this life, in order for us to continue to evolve this sector of the industry.

What are some of your thoughts and reasons why we still have room to grow? Or do you disagree? Sound off and Let me know!

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Written by Marie Denee

I am the Editor in Chic of The Curvy Fashionista. Often goofy. Forever emo. Always a Virgo. You can find me somewhere grooving to 90s R&B.

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