This Week in Plus Size News: 1-18-14

This Week in Plus Size News: 1-18-14

In case you missed it! Check out a recap of the this week's best plus size news stories. Jessica London made the plus size fashion world take notice when it announced it's extending its size range up to size 40! They also revealed their Spring collection featuring some very on trend looks and … [Read more...]

This Week in the World of Plus Size Fashion and News

Plus Size Fashion and News

There is nothing like staying in the know, and with plus size fashion and the industry, there is more news breaking all the time. So we wanted to bring you a weekend recap of some of the best stories to get caught up in plus size news! And this week has been QUITE eventful.  Here's what's been … [Read more...]

The Curvy Fashionista’s Week in Review and Updates

The Curvy Fashionista Blogiversary

OMG! This week has gone by soo fast! Kicking off the first week of my Blogiversary Giveaways has really amped up my holiday spirit! And the excitement does not stop there! No seriously!! We are just getting started with the month! So here is what giveaways launched this week so far: Monif … [Read more...]

The Week in Review- challenging the status quo

It has been a while since I completed a week in review, but with all the goodies for the fashionably full figured, I had to recap just what YOU may have missed last week! One stop Plus made history with being the FIRST plus size fashion show to show during New York Fashion Week The launch of … [Read more...]

Plus Size Fashion Week in Review

Plus Size Lingerie by K. Antionette

These past two weeks, plus size fashion, its existence, and its beauty has been a hotly debated topic! Whether international, like Australia banning plus size models for Fashion Week or declaring your right to rock skinny jeans, plus size fashion is definitely on an amazing roll- With a heightened … [Read more...]