Missed the event? Take A peek with The #TCFTurns4 Video Recap

TCFTurns4 Video Recap

Earlier this month, we celebrated The Curvy Fashionista turning 4 in downtown Hollywood, at Drais Nightclub! Tons of friends, readers, models, bloggers, and more came through to show their support for the blog! It was such a magical time! While I was sick and doped up on Zicam, I made it through … [Read more...]

A Special Thank You and Recap of #TCFTurns4

TCFTurns4 Blog Anniversary Recap

  Man. Just last week, we were putting the final touches of the planning for my blog anniversary Party, #TCFTurns4. Now in recap and rehab mode, I wanted to say thank you and share with you some of the night’s highlights! Chenese Lewis. Had it not been for you, I would have never had a … [Read more...]

Face: My Face Was Beat- Thanks to PROliphic Beauty

My Makeup from PROliphic Beauty

So. I LOVE makeup. LOVE IT. So much so, that I have been sharing it more and more on the blog! For my Blog Anniversary Party, I had the pleasure of having Melissa Hibbert from PROliphic Beauty donate her services to my event! And girlfriend? Killed it! I was inspired by Brandy’s Red Carpet look … [Read more...]

OOTD: #TCFTurns4 Cause We Like To Partayyy!


Now that I am fully recouped and fighting this cold I wanted to share with you what I was able to rock to my Blog Anniversary Party! Now, if you were following me last week, you will know then that I had a few snafus on my dress! BUT, thank GOD for local indie designers, both Cult of Cali stepped … [Read more...]

#TCFTurns4 Meet in the Club, It’s Goin Down


You ready? I’m …. ALMOST ready! Man, this week has been a wild one. My dress for tomorrow’s party got sent to Ontario Canada, rather than Ontario California, in which I have had to scramble to find two possible replacements. Check. I have been nursing and fighting this cold (in which I am down to … [Read more...]

TCFTurns4 Giveaway Winners from Last week’s Giveaways

The Curvy Fashionista turns 4 Blog Giveaways

Hey Girl Hey! How are YOU doing? Was Santa nice to you? Yes, no? Well, maybe, this is your chance to see if you can win something on your list, not delivered, OR extra icing to a fabulous day! Below are the winners for the giveaways from last week! One One Three Jazmine ASOS … [Read more...]

#TCFTurns4 Giveaway: A New State of Mind with Cult of California

Cult-of-Cali Giveaway on The Curvy Fashionista

Have you had the pleasure of learning about Cult of Cali? You know the newest designer who delivers both fashion AND function in fitness and fashion apparel? For those who wish to work out in style AND then party or chill in equally fabulous merchandise? Well, have we got a fun giveaway for … [Read more...]