TCFStyle Q+A: White Plus Size Layering Tees for Fall

Plus size Layering tees

It has been a minute since I did one of these and with the varying questions, I thought I would address this a bit more formally and share a question I received and answer it! Shoot me your questions and who knows, you could see your question asked and answered here! Here is today’s question: Hi … [Read more...]

#TCFStyle Q and A- How to Dress Myself

How to Dress Myself- Style Question on The Curvy Fashionista

Dear Marie, Love your blog, love your style, and I could use some help. I feel like I don't know how to dress myself. I've been through a lot in the last few years (illness, family issues, lost job, and fluctuating weight). In sizes, I hover between an 18/20 and a 24. I'm most comfortable in … [Read more...]

Ask the Reader: What item are you most afraid of wearing?

What item are you most afraid of wearing?

It has been a minute since I have done an ask the reader post. I love hearing from you guys- you are quite the sharp and resourceful bunch. So today, I had been thinking, doing a bit of self inventory and realized, I am terrified of skater skirts. If you have been following me on Facebook, I … [Read more...]

Style Q&A: Building Your Plus Size Fashion Wardrobe … Under $250

Building Your Plus Size Fashion Wardrobe

  I need some help. First, I want to thank you for all your posts, they show me that it's ok to have a fashion sense as a plus size girl! I'm looking for some great outfits for my engagement photo shoot! My wardrobe right now consists of SPCA logo shirts and jean shorts. I'd like to look nice … [Read more...]

Style Q&A: Stylishly 50, Plus Size, and What to Wear to Work

Style Q and A- 50 Plus Size and What to Wear to Work

 Plus Size Wear to Work Options Hello Marie, I just started following your blog and I saw you on Ricki Lake. I absolutely love your fashion sense and body acceptance philosophy. Plus you are gorgeous!. In your video you indicated that you might welcome topic suggestions. As a plus size … [Read more...]

Style Q&A: Blazers- How to Wear and More

Style Q&A Blazers and How to Wear them

 How to wear Plus Size Blazers: Hi Marie - First, let me say, I love your blog.  I have a question regarding blazers.  For Christmas, I received 2 fairly "suity" blazers - one in a charcoal grey and the other in basic black. I have two challenges with blazers:  the first is that my company is … [Read more...]

Style Q&A: UK to US Plus Size Conversion Sizing

Dorothy Perkins Aqua Peplum Dress

 US Plus Size Conversion Hi Miss Marie, how are you? I have a fashion question. UK sizes run small yes? I found the most amazing dress that will rock my whole body and I wear a 22. It’s in a 22 but it’s Dorothy Perkins? I should lean on not buying it yes? This is the dress. Do you know where … [Read more...]

Style Q and A: New Year’s Eve Plus Size Shape Wear Options

Macy's Dress for New Years Eve

Hello Marie, This is Cierra from Twitter and I am emailing you with an undergarment styling question for what I hope to be my NYE Dress. I'm going to attach a link to the dress below and let me know what you think. I'm a DD cup and with this dress I'm not sure if I should wear a half bra, full … [Read more...]