Gotta Have It: These Simply Be Plus Size Aztec Shorts

Simply Be Plus Size Aztec Shorts

I do love a great pair of shorts. Like love. If you have been following me for a while, then you will know that I have no shame in showing off the thighs. Especially as I live in SoCal in the Inland Empire- just last week, it was 100 degrees in MAY. 100 Degrees. Finding new ways to stay chill is … [Read more...]

Would You, Could You? These Forever 21 Plus Size Pleated Shorts

These Forever 21 Plus Size Pleated Shorts

I think I could. I peeped these Forever 21 Plus Size Pleated Shorts over the weekend and was intrigued. With pleating being such a strong spring trend, seeing this trend find its way to plus size shorts, I am quite intrigued about these fancy pants. I see its possibilities. Don’t you? It is … [Read more...]

My Style: Keeping it Casual and Staying Cool in Harlow

The CUrvy Fashionista Style- In Harlow and Gap

I love me my shorts. Especially over here in Southern California. I live halfway from LA and Palm Springs, to give you an idea of the heat I got through… that desert heat… So, naturally, my life is about as easy and breezy when it comes to staying cool. And honestly, my life is not always getting … [Read more...]

My Style: Asos Curve Lace Shorts and Legs

My Style: asos curve lace and denim shorts

Shorts. I am all over them this season. Denim, cotton, and everything else in between, I am here for shorts. Today, I was relaxing, playing around at my friend’s house and thought, maybe I should share… So, I did! As I have shared in the past, I have a thing for shorts. Probably, because of where I … [Read more...]

Shorts Story: 10 Shorts to Ready Yourself for Spring and Summer

Shorts Story: 10 Plus Size Shorts to Ready Yourself for Spring and Summer

I love a great pair of shorts. Shorts are definitely a tricky thing… last year, you and I had this conversation about shorts, the plus size woman, and if you could rock them. I have rocked shorts in a few outfit posts! My plus size cutoff denim shorts here, trouser shorts here, and rolled ones here. … [Read more...]

Shorts and the plus size woman- Do You Dare?

Plus size designer Elena Miro Short Suit Spring 2011

Growing up on islands most of my life and being a big girl from the age of 13, I have long gotten used to wearing shorts… I’d be damned if I died from a heatstroke! LOL However… Plus Size Shorts for Women... DO you Dare? Gone are those days when, as a younger girl, I could carelessly get away with … [Read more...]