Gotta Have It: ASOS Curve Scalloped Hem Plus Size Shorts Suit

ASOS Curve Plus size shorts suit

I have been on the hunt for a plus size shorts suit. Like each spring season, I have perused and delved into the interwebs looking for more than a few good options, so now that I have found a viable one? I am here for all of this. I love the option for a little bit of sophistication in my life! And … [Read more...]

Gotta Have It: Royal Blue Scalloped Short Suit from Simply Be

Plus Size Royal Blue Scalloped Short Suit from Simply Be

I have long looked for shorts suits and today, I think I found one! This suit, which intrigues me so, comes from Simply Be. Firstly, I love the color royal blue. Asides from it being in the same color family as my birthstone (September 9th baby), I just am a fan of blue. It is calming, bold, … [Read more...]