Make a statement in these Monif C Plus Size Rompers


!!!!!! I mean dude. I have yet to be let down by each collection and piece that has dropped from Monif C over the past few months. Each collection leaves me hyped, geeked, and excited. For her latest of the new arrivals, she gives us SOOO MUCH with these plus size rompers! YES MA’AM! I AM HERE … [Read more...]

Gotta Have It: This Forever 21 Plus Romper

Forever 21 Plus Size Romper Feature

I LOVE a great jumpsuit. Love a tailored romper even more. When I saw this Forever 21 Plus Romper, I got excited. I knew I had to share this with you fly ladies! But this one, I want to talk about for a few reasons… For the fall, I love the play on menswear, tailored pieces, and switching life up … [Read more...]