Staring into His Eyes for the First Time- Meeting my Father

Meeting my father and his/my family

Getting a bit more personal than I have in a while, some of you have asked that I share this experience and to be honest, I feel that as it pertains to my own level of personal confidence and value and worth, I need to share. Where do I begin? I LOOK Just. Like. Him. This September, I turn … [Read more...]

Fixing the Plus Size Industry and the Shift in Plus Size Fashion- Can You Feel It?

Plus SIze Fashoin Industry changes and shifts

I have been watching. Sitting back and observing an interesting shift. the Shift in Plus Size Fashion From the time that I started blogging until now, there has been an interesting shift and evolution that has me both excited and curious. But before I delve in, let me first preface this article … [Read more...]

LETS TALK: Design Elements in Plus Size Clothes that KILL ME.

Design Elements in Plus Size fashion That Kills me

Now.   Portrait from Mara Sicca SourceI do not know in what book or meeting it was decided that there are specific elements that have to be done ONLY for plus size fashion. I do not know where or WHY these elements run rampant in plus size designs, and frankly, it drives me mad. I … [Read more...]

An Open Letter to the Limited Brands and Eloquii

An open letter to Eloquii and The Limited

Last week, news broke about the Limited’s phasing out of their plus size line, Eloquii. I remember the email I received, vague at best. I had questions. I had concerns. Most importantly, I was UPSET. So, I took to my FB page and left my immediate thoughts and today, I decided to fashion an open … [Read more...]

Revelations, Growing Pains, Updates, and More

The Curvy Fashionista

So, over the past week… scratch that. For the longest time, my site has been experiencing some interesting back end issues. I could not, for the life of me, figure out what this issue was. I had updated, changed themes and more, but nothing was improving, until I dug in with help over a weekend, and … [Read more...]

So Gain Fresh: Keeping your clothes In Tip-Top Shape

Gain Fresh

A week ago, I live tweeted the Grammy’s along with Gain and today I wanted to talk with you about keeping your clothes #GainFresh. Did you know that the better you take care of your clothes, the better the wear? I mean, I am sure that is a given, but did you know that what you wash with and the … [Read more...]

The Curvy Fashionista in Review: My Top 10 highlights of 2012

The Curvy Fashionista Year in Review- Top Moments on the Blog

My, what a year. Taking inventory on my life on the blog is quite a therapeutic one. I find myself in awe of what has happened, changed, evolved, and even fallen to the side. It helps me grow  shows me my opportunities, and allows me the chance to breathe! Never would I have imagined this … [Read more...]

4 life lessons learned from Plus Size Fashion and the Community

my style

To say that I have grown as a full time blogger is the understatement of my life right now. The beauty in that is I am still growing, still learning, and still stumbling over life and it’s little road blocks- but with all this comes life lessons that I had to pause and think about!  4 life lessons … [Read more...]