Monday Musings- It Was All a Dream

it wsa all a dream

After returning from Blogalicious, hearing Amy Dubois’ story, and hearing YOUR comments, I wanted to start a weekly Monday morning conversation with you to talk about life and what it has inspired, motivated, or impacted us in ways that leave us scratching our heads. You asked about hearing more … [Read more...]

Two Steps Forward or Back? JAG Agency and the Plus Size Model

Modcloth Goes Into Plus Sizes

I was reading Full Figure Plus’s article about 10 Problems Jag Agency will bring to the forefront of plus size fashion industry and I had to share with you the article and my thoughts around an agency made for all sizes. While I love the inclusion of it all, I have serious questions and it seems I … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday To Me- A Year of Personal Growth

Anna Wintour Birthday Card

32 Years. HA! 32 Years.   get the card here at Zazzle!! Happy Born on Day to me! (and to GabiFresh and my lil sister Kaprice who share this day!) and to all the other Virgos in the world… heyyy boo! Happy Birthday to me! I am truly blessed to have seen a new year, celebrate a new … [Read more...]

An Open Letter: Dear Tim Gunn, Let’s Make It Work

Open Letter Tim Gunn

Dear Tim Gunn, Recently, I read your post in the Huffington Post about how ridiculous it is that fashion “seems to end when you get any larger than a size 12.” I could not agree more and is most of the reason why I blog. However, I wanted to fashion this open letter to you for a few … [Read more...]

Changes, Changes, and More Changes…

The Curvy Fashionista Plus Size Blog

Okay, so I do not know if you have noticed, the site has gotten QUITE a few makeovers and changes. FINALLY. I know that the site has been going through the motions and it has been driving me crazy! I did hire a developer, but that has gone bad… FIRED HIM. Left to tap into my network, I … [Read more...]

I am Always More than JUST a Blogger

I am always more than Just a Blogger

A few days ago, I was listening to a fellow blogger buddy of mine share a story about how she was expressing her love for a particular furniture design. She is a fan girl of this brand and happened to share her adoration of this on her FB page. In conversations about this brand, someone retorted to … [Read more...]

When I am Not Talking Fashion…

Marie Denee Not Talking Fashion

There is more to life than clothes. This I know. Yeah, I am a fashion blogger. Yeah, I run a business. But there is way more to me than that! I thought I would share with you a bit more about me and what gets me ticking and that drives me- beyond the blog… when I am not talking fashion. Asides … [Read more...]

Reading Comments on Facebook Has Me Thinking…

Reading Comments On Facebook Leaves me Thinking

So here is the thing... I love what steps we are making in plus size fashion. There are more options for varying personal styles, budgets, aesthetics, and lifestyles. Change IS HAPPENING- WHEE! What does this mean? While perusing through the comments last week and for the past few weeks, there … [Read more...]

Ten Things I Learned While on Vacation

Ten Things I Learned While on Vacation

You know, it is quite embarrassing and pathetic when I think and reflect on how I have never taken a REAL vacay in over SEVEN Years. Sure, I travel for work… special occasion, and for fashion shows, but a week to myself and NO INTERNET? Talk about missing you guys! I have NOT felt so … [Read more...]

Staring into His Eyes for the First Time- Meeting my Father

Meeting my father and his/my family

Getting a bit more personal than I have in a while, some of you have asked that I share this experience and to be honest, I feel that as it pertains to my own level of personal confidence and value and worth, I need to share. Where do I begin? I LOOK Just. Like. Him. This September, I turn … [Read more...]