Finding Motivation in the Strangest Places

Finding Motivation in the Strangest Places

*MARIE'S NOTE: today I welcome guest blogger Raven, a life coach whose words had touched me on the internet. I wanted her to share a bit of her story and motivation to hopefully inspire at least one of you! Please keep reading and show some love to Raven* Finding Motivation in the Strangest … [Read more...]

Best Full Figured Bra Buys For a 44 Band+

five full figured bras 44 plus

MARIE'S NOTE: While I was at the Latina  and Lifestyle Blogger Conference, I met this really cool woman from the Bay Area, with her bring plus size and with a very passionate concern about bras, I invited her to share her thoughts, concerns, and love with all of you! Please check out the first of … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Why Mainstream Fashion Should Serve the Plus-Size Customer

Why Mainstream Fashion Should Serve the Plus-Size Customer

Despite their $16B in retail spending, mainstream fashion has long ignored the plus-size customer.  As one yourself, which I assume you are since you are reading this blog, you understand that this is incredibly frustrating.  With thousands of different brands on the market that cater to women size … [Read more...]

My Full Busted Ladies, It’s not you, it’s the bra.

Georgina Horne from Fuller Figure Fuller Bust in Volup2

[box type="shadow" align="aligncenter" ]Editor's Note: My partner in crime from the EVANS and Clements Ribeiro Campaign is literally a walking textbook when it comes to bras. Asides from Georgina being extremely gorgeous, she is incredulously sweet. I needed -NEEDED her to lay down some of her … [Read more...]

Guest Insights: Confidence while Plus Size and 35 Plus

Confidence while Plus Size and 35 Plus

Over the last year, my style has evolved.  It’s in a refining process.  Well into my thirties, I’ve become bolder and more subdued at the same time.  Bolder, simpler pieces.  An evolution of style.  The desire to take bigger risks but be confident and to embrace what it truly means to have a … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Accepting Compliments and Damn You’re Hot

Take a compliment

  [box type="note" align="aligncenter" ]Note from Marie: I met Danielle Dowling at a conference last year and the woman gave me life in the span of five minutes. This motivational speaker/ life coach/ amazing new friend radiates light and positivity. I HAD to share some of the fabulosity … [Read more...]

Guest Post: It’s Always Warm Somewhere. What To Wear on Resort

Resort Plus size Fashion Ideas

Hello all of you lovely Curvy Fashionista readers! I'm Kirstin from Kirstin Marie. Marie has so graciously asked if I would share what to wear down in Florida, where I live, as if you were escaping to a resort style location. I hope you enjoy my post, and thank you so much Marie, for the amazing … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Plus Size, Over 40, and Personal Style- Tips and Real Talk

Plus Size Tips for those over 40

Marie's Note: A few of you ladies on the better side of 40 have asked me about finding places to shop and tips specifically for you! So what I have done is reached out to a friend, Kristin from Fashion.Style.Beauty. who knows about being on the better side of 40, Fashion, and being a curvy woman! … [Read more...]

3 Pieces of Fashion Advice Every Plus Size Woman Should Forget

Recently Updated2

Today we welcome Guest Blogger Nigel. He is a Freelance fashion writer based in Buffalo, NY. You can follow him on twitter at @nigelisaiah.  As the lover of fashion, Nigel wanted to share his words of advice, in which I quite agree with! Please take a read and leave your thoughts for … [Read more...]