Giveaway: It’s “Time” for Fall Fashion with Timex!

Timex Originals Sport Chronograph Giveaway

I have always been sometime-y with watches. If I did wear it, it had to be fashionable and have a bit more personality to it… AND with our smartphones, wearing a watch seemed double to work. How wrong was I!?! Seeing a few watches all over the place that were both sporty and playful AND … [Read more...]

Hey…. Cause We Like to Party! #TCFturns3 winners announced and more

Happy TGIF! While fighting this mini cold trying to take over my body, I wanted to give you a few updates and announce the last winners of #TCFturns3 Giveaways! If you have been following, last month, The Curvy Fashionista turned THREE! Sooo amazing and humbling! We celebrated all month long with … [Read more...]

#TCFturns3 Giveaway Pamper Yourself (and your skin) with LaLicious Gift or Travel Set!

LaLicious Collection Gift Set Giveaway on the Curvy Fashionista

We are winding down the month long of celebrations here, but we are NOT done!!! Did Santa miss you with the fabulous skin care gift sets? In the midst of this crazy winter chill or heat (depending on where you live). Well, to help you out, today’s fabulous giveaway comes from the fabulous people … [Read more...]

#TCFturn3 Giveaway- Escape the Winter Chill with Sorella Swim

Sorella Swim Giveaway on The Curvy Fashionista

Happy After Christmas! Today I am sure you are scouring the deals the sales throughout the web- no worries, I will be sharing them with you shortly! BUT, we are still in giveaway mode! Yes, ladies we are still doing giveaways, and this week, I will have one a day! Woot! So, today’s giveaway is … [Read more...]