This #NYFW, Clorox Debuts the Cloey de la Rox Collection

Marie Denee The Curvy Fashionista

While I am sooo sad that I am not in New York (more on this later) I was really excited to share with you, something that us dear to my heart- my clothes and the care for them. As particular as I am about my detergent, I am about my bleach. So when I heard that Clorox is debuting a new product WITH … [Read more...]

So Gain Fresh: Keeping your clothes In Tip-Top Shape

Gain Fresh

A week ago, I live tweeted the Grammy‚Äôs along with Gain and today I wanted to talk with you about keeping your clothes #GainFresh. Did you know that the better you take care of your clothes, the better the wear? I mean, I am sure that is a given, but did you know that what you wash with and the … [Read more...]