Wardrobe Wonders: Save Your Boots with the Boot Butler

Save Your Boots with the Boot Butler

I will be the first to admit, I do not have a fancy function set up to store my boots, but *deep sighs* I really do. Especially as the seasons go by, if not stored right, my boots can get weird creases, discolor, or lose its shape. This is where devices and innovations as the Boot Butler come into … [Read more...]

This #NYFW, Clorox Debuts the Cloey de la Rox Collection

Marie Denee The Curvy Fashionista

While I am sooo sad that I am not in New York (more on this later) I was really excited to share with you, something that us dear to my heart- my clothes and the care for them. As particular as I am about my detergent, I am about my bleach. So when I heard that Clorox is debuting a new product WITH … [Read more...]

So Gain Fresh: Keeping your clothes In Tip-Top Shape

Gain Fresh

A week ago, I live tweeted the Grammy’s along with Gain and today I wanted to talk with you about keeping your clothes #GainFresh. Did you know that the better you take care of your clothes, the better the wear? I mean, I am sure that is a given, but did you know that what you wash with and the … [Read more...]