PLUS SIZE ART: Fluffy Fairies by Chelsea Perez

PLUS SIZE ART- Fluffy Fairies by Chelsea Perez

HOMIGAWD. I have a thing for fairies. I am not sure if I ever told any of ya’ll… I even have a fairy tattoo (perfectly hidden) and I have been tempted to get another one. So, when Miss @FluffyFairy_art started following me, you better believe I checked her out immediately! To my ELATION, I found … [Read more...]

NEW TO THE BLOG: His Two Cents- Loving You, Through the Eyes of a Man

His Two Cents- Loving You

NOTE FROM MARIE: I was having a conversation with a guy friend of mine who has quite a way with words and in our conversation, he was sharing with me what he thought of plus size women and immediately I knew that I had to have him share with you, what some men are thinking about US. SO,  I … [Read more...]

Plus Size Sex Symbol? Plus Size Representation on TV.

Plus Size Sex Symbol- Plus Size Representation on TV.

Whenever I watch television shows, or movies, involving plus-size women, it is always the same old school stereotype: she is sad, with low self-esteem, poorly dressed, has no style and spends her nights at home alone fantasizing about being skinny. Otherwise, she is the funny fat girl who is the … [Read more...]

Ask the Reader: Plus Size Palazzo Pants- Are You a Fan?

Plus Size Palazzo Pants on The Curvy Fashionista

This spring into summer, I am here for staying cool and chic and laid back. Loving the look of joggers, but sometimes, life needs you to be a bit more dresses up. SO with the latest in the spring trends being wide leg pants, I am curious about the plus size palazzo pants trending right now and the … [Read more...]

The Maleficent Collection Lands at HSN

The Maleficent Collection Lands at HSN

I mean, leave it to Disney to give the grownups (or at least I think it is) their own version of a fairy tale… or in my head I like to think it is just for us.  I mean, Angelina Jolie? I believe she was born just for this role (although I have been a longtime fan of hers, for like, ever.) So as the … [Read more...]

#TCFStyle Q and A- How to Dress Myself

How to Dress Myself- Style Question on The Curvy Fashionista

Dear Marie, Love your blog, love your style, and I could use some help. I feel like I don't know how to dress myself. I've been through a lot in the last few years (illness, family issues, lost job, and fluctuating weight). In sizes, I hover between an 18/20 and a 24. I'm most comfortable in … [Read more...]

WEDDING SEASON: 5 Plus Size Wedding Guest Dresses

5 Plus Size Wedding Guest Dresses

Whit Nic here and the wedding season is upon us! I was a May bride and I remember browsing through stores and websites, trying to help the ladies in my wedding party find the perfect dress. This year I have the pleasure of being a guest at a wedding and of course, I've been browsing the same stores … [Read more...]

Up Close and Personal with Fern Mallis- An Interview

Up Close and Personal with Fern Mallis- An Interview

Fern Mallis. One of the most influential women in the business of fashion. A woman whose name is synonymous with New York Fashion Week. A woman who has recently launched her own range with HSN. A woman with quite an amount of power and panache, I admire her so. A woman who served as the Executive … [Read more...]

Ask the Reader: Plus Size Peplum Shorts- Could You?

Plus Size Peplum Shorts- Could You?

I stumbled across these and had to think a few times over about them… Like seriously. I could kind of see a way to rock these, but then I have way too many questions. Hehehe. I saw these plus size peplum shorts and immediately I knew I needed to share this with YOU. To ask you your thoughts and … [Read more...]