SHOE ENVY: Grey City

Grey City

So, every once in a while, I come across a shoe brand that intrigues and excites me. With fall’s trend of the dark, sultry, edgy, and gothic overtones with leather and lace,  Grey City raised an eyebrow for me! Based in Seattle, Grey City was launched this year by lifelong friends, Vikki … [Read more...]

Gotta Have It: Asos Curve Studded Mixed Media Jacket

Gotta Have It: Asos Curve Studded Mixed Media Jacket

I saw this jacket over the weekend. I stopped, stared, gawked, and got happy. I mean for reals! When was the last time that we have had a coat sooo fashion forward and edgy that will transcend seasons and trends? Well In my mind it will! Today’s Gotta Have It comes to us from ASOS Curve. Yes, this … [Read more...]

Seeing Tweed: 10 Plus Size Tweed Picks for Fall

Plus Size Fall Trend : Tweed Picks

Tweed and Boucle. Oftentimes thought quite ladylike and usually when I think of a classic tweed jacket, I think Chanel. However, for fall, tweed has found itself into quite a few designers and retailers collections! To help you out and to give you a little inspiration, I have picked out a few finds … [Read more...]

Anna Scholz for Simply Be Fall 2012 Collection

Anna Scholz for Simply Be Fall 2012 Collection

Perusing the Simply Be site, I wanted to check in to see what Anna Scholz was doing for Simply Be this season! Every fall (well every collection) she does for them always holds a few gems and this time around, she did NOT disappoint! In true Anna Scholz fashion with bold prints, the Anna Scholz … [Read more...]

Gotta Have it: Simply Be PU Tunic

Simply Be PU Tunic

I told you that I have a serious love for leather this season, right? Whether faux or real, leather has infiltrated my thoughts, desires, yearning- what EVER you want to call it, I am feeling quite edgy! Maybe it is the hair too… who knows!?! Either way, while I was visiting the Simply Be website … [Read more...]

Out and About: The Mynt 1792 Blogger Conference

Out and About: The Mynt 1792 Blogger Conference

Last week, I jetted across the country to New York to be present for the Mynt 1792 Blogger Conference (remember them from FFFWEEK?). But, before I did that, I had the pleasure of visiting the Adorn Showroom that houses Mynt 1792. Can I just say FUN? The Mynt 1792 Team is absolutely amazing … [Read more...]

Bag Lady: The Linea Pelle Vintage Croco Crossbody

Linea Pelle Vintage Croco Crossbody Speedy

I love my bags. From Chloe to Queen Grace, my bags reflect the many moods I have and today’s bag is not any different! Are you familiar with Linea Pelle? Linea Pelle is a handbag, belt and leather goods company that creates casual luxury goods for women that appreciate that perfect fusion between … [Read more...]

Giveaway: It’s “Time” for Fall Fashion with Timex!

Timex Originals Sport Chronograph Giveaway

I have always been sometime-y with watches. If I did wear it, it had to be fashionable and have a bit more personality to it… AND with our smartphones, wearing a watch seemed double to work. How wrong was I!?! Seeing a few watches all over the place that were both sporty and playful AND … [Read more...]

Gotta Have It: The Zarine Dress from Queen Grace

Queen Grace Zarine Velvet Dress

Velvet. Takes me back a few years… but for fall, especially on the runways, I have been catching a fabulous glimpse of it, and it is fancy. I am not going to lie, I have coveted and owned quite a few pieces of the velvet persuasion! So, when I took a peek at the Queen Grace Fall Collection and … [Read more...]