Seeing Tweed: 10 Plus Size Tweed Picks for Fall

Plus Size Fall Trend : Tweed Picks

Tweed and Boucle. Oftentimes thought quite ladylike and usually when I think of a classic tweed jacket, I think Chanel. However, for fall, tweed has found itself into quite a few designers and retailers collections! To help you out and to give you a little inspiration, I have picked out a few finds … [Read more...]

Boot Up: The Lia Boot Lia Boot

  Okay, so rather than doing another guide of sorts (I did one here) I thought for fall, I would feature different wide calf and wide width boots that I love and like and have! Especially as it is sooo challenging to find BOTH wide width AND Wide Calf boots! As we “officially” head into … [Read more...]

Gotta Have it: Simply Be PU Tunic

Simply Be PU Tunic

I told you that I have a serious love for leather this season, right? Whether faux or real, leather has infiltrated my thoughts, desires, yearning- what EVER you want to call it, I am feeling quite edgy! Maybe it is the hair too… who knows!?! Either way, while I was visiting the Simply Be website … [Read more...]

Color Trends: 5 Pieces in the Hottest Colors for Fall 2012


Are you into the hot colors for Fall 2012? My favorites are Tangerine Tango, Ultramarine Green, Rose Smoke, Bright Chartreuse, and Titanium. Of course, not all of these colors are going to work in every piece for everyone - if you've got fair skin and freckles (like me!) that didn't come included … [Read more...]

Bloomingdales Releases its Plus Size Trend Style Guide

Bloomingdales Fall 2012 Plus Size Trend Guide

  Are you ready for Fall? Earlier this week, I released the Fall Trend Guide including the hues that are on point, but I was not alone in this! Bloomingdales was right here with me in releasing its Plus Size Fall Trend guide! Do you remember the excitement from their first one? Bloomingdales … [Read more...]

Fall 2012 Trends: 10 Lust Worthy Plus Size Lace Finds for Fall

Fall 2012 Plus Size Trend: Lace

I love lace. It is sexy, playful, sweet, and versatile. With the change of accessories or coordinating item, your look can go from demure to vixen. For fall, lace plays a chameleon like role amongst the trends. From Goth to ladylike flair of days past, one thing is for sure –it’s hot. And I want … [Read more...]

Fall 2012 Trends: 5 Plus Size Peplum Picks to Perk You Up for Fall

Anna Scholz Peplum Dress

As we are talking fall trends, one of the fall ones I am trying to play with is the Peplum detail. For spring it was a bit sweet for me, but as we enter fall and it takes a more dramatic, darker, and edgier twist, I am finding myself more apt to play in this trend! Fall had added new … [Read more...]

Your 2012 Plus Size Fall Trend Guide- The Key Trends, Items, and Colors!

Fall 2012 Trends for Plus Size Fashion

  While August was the transition period, welcome to September, the start of fall fashion (where the weather actually allows it) and in my eyes, one of the most important seasons! Fall season is where we see the birth of new trends, silhouettes, hues, and influences that carry into … [Read more...]