The TCFTurns5 Party Recap!

The Curvy Fashionista Turns 5 Party Recap

Yes, I know… it has been a few weeks and let me tell you, this month has flown by! Right after my party, I got sick and then crazily exhausted… it has been a roller coaster of emotions and feelings… HOWEVER, I HAD to do my recap to share with you all the fabulosity that happened around my party at … [Read more...]

NEWS: #TCFTurns5 Blog Anniversary Major Event Updates!

TCFTurns5 Blog Anniversary Party

Hey girl heyyyy! How are you doing? I am over here really hyped and geeked about sitting in my blog’s fifth year anniversary month! As I am planning the details, gift bags, sponsors, and all the finite stuff, I have some really amazing things to share! For starters: We have a Title/Presenting … [Read more...]

Join me for the #CurlyCartel This Friday Night 05.03.13

Curly Cartel

Mother Nature would be proud! What happens when the Uber Fab Event Planner Dunnie O and My J Gray get together to fashion a natural hair event in Los Angeles? The Curly Cartel Happens! If you are in LA, are a natural, transitioning, or are a protective style rocking woman who wants to … [Read more...]

#TCFTurns4 Meet in the Club, It’s Goin Down


You ready? I’m …. ALMOST ready! Man, this week has been a wild one. My dress for tomorrow’s party got sent to Ontario Canada, rather than Ontario California, in which I have had to scramble to find two possible replacements. Check. I have been nursing and fighting this cold (in which I am down to … [Read more...]