The Perfect Valentine’s Day Date? Yourself!

The Perfect Valentine's Day Date Date

I am single this year. Don't get me wrong, I have tried looking for love but it has been in all the wrong places, as usual. Dating is like having a full-time job and most times, I don't have the time for the games and the intrigue. I have decided to stop looking for that perfect guy and the perfect … [Read more...]

Plus Size Art: The Art of Definatalie and Fancy Lady Industries

The plus size Art of Definatalie and Fancy Lady Industries on the curvy fashionista

As we play in plus size art, one of the people that I HAVE to give credit to is plus size blogger/artist/designer, Definatalie. For the longest time that I can remember, she has been one who has explored her talents and has grown them into a business that she runs, Fancy Lady Industries. I … [Read more...]

Plus Size Art: Give Her the Gift of Commissioned Plus Size Art with Curves Illustrated

Plus Size Art with Curves Illustrated on The Curvy Fashionista

We are back with another installation of plus size art and today we are featuring plus size art from Canada, Curves Illustrated. I have been quite keen on her, especially, since she has sketched me once! But today, I wanted to highlight her art AND share with you that YOU can have your very own … [Read more...]

Plus Size Art: Sketched to Perfection

sensual art of curvy women by samarel featured on The Curvy Fashionista

Ladies, let's be honest. We all have those days where we just feel so down and blah! We tend to be over critical of ourselves and we sometimes pick at every inch of our body that we don't like. It's quite normal, so don't feel bad! We even had a post, Just one of those days, and you gave the most … [Read more...]

Ask The Reader: If You Could Write a Love Letter to Your Favorite Part of Your Body…

love letter to your body the curvy fashionista

I was reading a post and was inspired. I was going to make this a post about my love letter to my body but then I thought to myself, what about YOU. What do you love about YOU? I wanted to know how you would answer: If You Could Write a love letter to your favorite part of your body, which would it … [Read more...]

Plus Size Art: A look at the Plus Size Sculptures from Emilio Casarotto

A look at the Plus Size Sculptures from Emilio Casarotto

So since we have been covering plus size art, I wanted to highlight designers as well as random finds we come across… and today, we highlight the ever fabulous Emilio Casarotto, the Vicentino sculptor from Fimon, Italy. We know his work by looking at it, but trying to get our hands on these pieces? … [Read more...]

Monday Musings: My Personal Style and Confidence Growth with Age

My Personal Style and Confidence growth with age

I must admit, as I set my feet firmly in my 30s, life has kind of rocked. A sense of awareness and freedom- the ability to not care and LIVE life to whatever fullest I can… All something I have realized and thought about, in regards to my age. Especially as it relates to my personal style. When I … [Read more...]

Plus Size Art- Plus Size Burlesque Art by Nusillu

Plus Size Burlesque Art by Nusillu

Over on Pinterest (are you following me?) I created a board called plus size art, while pinning and falling into the vortex that would be Pinterest, I stumbled across a picture which led me to another picture and then to the Berlin design duo that is Nusillu. They created a Plus Size Burlesque … [Read more...]