Gotta Have It: ASOS Curve Triangle Plated Belt and a Few More

Asos CUrve Triangle Studded belt-001

A few months back, I talked about belts and my desire to have high fashion, non elastic stretching ones. It seems like the universe has heard my cry! LOL I do not know why it took me this long to write about these belts, but if you are anything like me whose daily internet browsing includes ASOS … [Read more...]

FFFWeek 2012: What I Wore Where

The Curvy Fashionista at FFFWeek- What She Wore

As I am still recapping the designers, the happy times, and the fashion, I thought I would take a break to share the looks I rocked while in New York! It was warm; I knew my days would be long, so I needed to be both comfortable and somewhat fashionable! The only situation I found myself with was … [Read more...]

An OOTD and Let me Introduce you to My New Hair

Meet My New Hair

A few weeks back I took to Twitter and Facebook asking, What in the HELL was wrong with my hair.  I recently went to a photo shoot and the lady straightened it.  I never thought too much of this until I went back to wash it to restore its curl… And the worst possible thing happened. My hair would … [Read more...]

I Gotta Have It: ASOS Curve Leopard Mini Dress

Asos Curve Mini Body-Conscious Dress In Leopard Print

Every once in a while, I love to get a little sexy. A little edgy.  A little sassy. All elements that this dress I found from Asos Curve has and more!  I keep coming back to it. Imagining this dress with a bright blue or (insert bold color here) blazer, sky high heels, and a sassy attitude to … [Read more...]

I Gotta have it: ASOS Curve Tank Dress

Asos Curve Tank Dress

SO I thought I would revive this fun feature, highlighting the fashions I come across daily and share with you three times a week or so what I am lusting after! Today’s latest item is RIGHT up my alley for spring! Color. Multi-purpose.  Playful. Chic. Yes. This ASOS Curve Tank Dress with … [Read more...]