Give me a Designer Plus Size BELT

Belts from the Spring 2012 Runway

With no elastic, stretch, faux look of a belt. Give me leather (real or fake), embellished, dramatic, bold colored, interestingly hued, belt that I can rock out with. Seriously. Where are the plus size belts? The ones for your jeans, the ones for the tailored shorts for summer, the ones that take … [Read more...]

Accessorize to Maximize- Queen Grace Limited Edition Vieta Bag Collection

Queen Grace Announces Vieta Bags Limited Edition

I love when a designer expands their brand, delivering lifestyle pieces to complete the entire look. This is just what plus size designer, Queen Grace has done. For the spring season, the designer behind Queen Grace, Marina Zelner has expanded upon the brand, giving us a special limited edition … [Read more...]

Accessorize to Maximize: How I Keep My Jewels Organized

How I organize my Jewelry

So, if you don’t know this about me. I am stickler for organization in my closet… mmm in all my life, but we will stick to closets here. For the longest time, I have devoted my jewelry to an old school jewelry box that runneth over with bracelets, earrings, and rings that could not fit the … [Read more...]

Accessorize to Maximize: Jewelry Finds at QVC

QVC Designer Jewelry

Have you shopped at QVC? Over the last year, I have been drawn to the surprising finds over there, especially when I catch wind of certain fashionistas and stylists with their own collections that I have to take a peek at! For example? Luxe Rachel Zoe! With her fashion pieces going up to a 3x, I am … [Read more...]

Accessorize to Maximize: Pirate Romance Spring 2012 Collection

Pirate Romance Spring 2012 Collection

Last fall, I shared with you and offered a lucky reader a piece from fun, edgy, funky, and fresh jewelry collection, Pirate Romance. This time around, I wanted to share with you the latest collection from Joi French and her jewelry line! For spring, Joi French draws from her childhood inspiration … [Read more...]

Glitz and Glamour For The Holidays!

Case Mate Glam iPhone Covers

  Ladies, we love our holiday cocktail dresses - from satins and shimmers, glitz and glamour for all!  This season, glitz is in! There's nothing more exciting than the sparkle of golds, eye-catching glints of silver or pristine-perkiness of pinks.  These show-stopping colors not only … [Read more...]

Make a statement with Glitterrings- Cocktail rings above a size 9!

LIZAS CORSET Cocktail ring at Glitterings

I love a great cocktail ring… actually I almost always have on a ring! I love them cause they can take an outfit from eh to wow in a second! However, as a plus size woman, finding those show stoppers can at times be elusive. So, when I checked out the new to me blog, Diary of a Fatshionista and saw … [Read more...]

QVC and FFANY Invite You to Shop with a Cause for Breast Cancer Awareness


Shoes. Charity. Breast Cancer Awareness Month. And Suze Orman. Oh, I forgot to mention a heck of a deal and steal on shoes! Now finding a brand that honestly helps support breast cancer awareness can at times be both easy and difficult, but have I been informed of an event that you HAVE to take a … [Read more...]