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Now reading: Free webinar- Sun Salutations for YOUR Body: Q&A

Free webinar- Sun Salutations for YOUR Body: Q&A

7:30 PM - 8:30 PM
  • start date 24 Jul 2017
  • end date 24 Jul 2017
  • venue Join in from your computer or mobile device!

Join Amber from Body Positive Yoga and bring your burning questions about Sun Salutations!

Maybe you find yourself asking…
– Why don’t my hands touch the floor in a forward fold?
– Why can’t I step my foot forward from downward-facing dog into a lunge?
– Why do my wrists hurt in downward-facing dog?
– How do I keep my chest out of my face in down dog?
– Why can’t I get the hang of plank or chaturanga?
– Why can’t I walk/hop/step my feet up between my hands?
– If I can’t be on hands and knees, how am I ever going to do this?
– Is my body just [too big, too old, too stiff, too weak] to do sun salutations?

Your body is not the problem!

Sun Salutations are the foundation of many yoga classes, and a classic example of synchronizing breath with movement. But depending on your body type, level of strength, and range of motion, some parts of the sun salutation series may be “sticky spots” for you.

You just need the tools and knowledge to adapt these yoga sequences to your unique body.

Get some answers to your questions about sun salutations and learn to practice confidently in the body you have today!