Up Close and Personal with Plus Size Cosplay SHERO- Brichibi Cosplays

Plus Size Cosplay SHERO- Brichibi Cosplays

One day, I was perusing through Facebook and stumbled across this picture that had me way too geeked. You see, there was this fabulous plus size lady dressed up in a wonder woman costume, with her own spin to it. I knew immediately, that I had to interview, feature, and learn more about her. I … [Read more...]

Up Close and Personal with Fern Mallis- An Interview

Up Close and Personal with Fern Mallis- An Interview

Fern Mallis. One of the most influential women in the business of fashion. A woman whose name is synonymous with New York Fashion Week. A woman who has recently launched her own range with HSN. A woman with quite an amount of power and panache, I admire her so. A woman who served as the Executive … [Read more...]

EXLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Up Close and Personal with Retta from Parks and Recreation

Up Close and Personal with Retta from Parks and Recreation

“TREAT YO SELF” A phrase that has echoed across the internets ever since Donna Meagle so colorfully exclaimed on Parks and Rec. A character so vivacious and memorable that she now has tumblr page dedicated to her. But who is the woman behind the ever so sassy, playful, bold, and confident Donna … [Read more...]

An Exclusive Interview with Mary Lambert

an exclusive interview with mary lambert

Beauty. Sass. Brains. Skill. Strength. Charisma. Wit. Charm.   I could keep going on, and I am sure that you are feeling the same way about this woman, Mary Lambert, who has all of us spellbound and inspired by both her voice and her story. Not letting life and its tribulations shake her, … [Read more...]

Behind the Lens with Stanley Desbas

An interview with Stanley Desbas

Have you heard of Stanley Debas? While you may not have heard OF him, you definitely have SEEN his work. Especially if you love what Monif C has been doing- THAT is Stanley Debas. In September, I had the pleasure of going in front of Stanley Desbas’ camera. In a 7 look photoshoot, I got a … [Read more...]

MY Style while Out and About- Bethenny TV Talk Show Launch Party and Interview

Bethenny TV Talk Show Launch Party and Interview

Have you heard of the Bethenny TV Talk Show? You know, I rarely watch the Real Housewives shows anymore. However, one that I really connected to was the Housewives of New York. And I really adored Bethenny and her brutal honesty. She kept it real to me and I dug her for this. Even more than that, I … [Read more...]

Up Close and Personal with MTV’s SHOWTOWN Co-Host- Sheena Snively

MTV Canada Plus Size Host Actress and Comedian- Sheena Snively

“Queen of Canada, & Resident fool of MTV! Lover of Fat Fashion, Theater, & Hamilton” Sheena Snively's Twitter Bio  Things are brewing up north and one of those leading the way is MTV Canada’s Showtown Co-Host Sheena Snively. No-holds-barred, vivacious, energetic, witty, hilarious, and … [Read more...]

Up Close and Personal: Celeb Makeup Artist and Curvy Fashionista- MUA Drini

Celebrity Makeup Artist- Makeup by Drini

  I stumbled across the fabulosity that is Drini on Instagram, a plus size Makeup Artist who has been slaying celebrity faces in Los Angles. Not only does she kill in the makeup game, her fashion game is JUST.AS.DOPE. I needed to know more. I had to ask questions. I wanted her to be … [Read more...]

Up Close and Personal With Erotic Noir Author and Size Positive Advocate- Zane

Zane has authored over 27 Novels

I have been a fan of Zane for as long as I can remember... I think ever since addicted and after finding one of my mother's books from this woman. From there, as time allows I escape into a novel or two of hers and sometimes onto her Sex Chronicles series on Cinemax. I follow her on facebook and … [Read more...]

Up close and Personal with Yvette Nicole Brown

Interview with Yvette Nicole Brown on The Curvy Fashionista

I remember when I first met her. It was at the ESPY Awards Beauty Suite. She called me out, and was like “Hey, aren’t you The Curvy Fashionista?” I screamed inside. Literally was beyond myself. I mean, I am just a blogger and here is Shirley from Community: Yvette Nicole Brown, recognizing little … [Read more...]