A closer look at the accessories to maximize your style and look- especially in plus sizes. Looking for that plus size ring or bracelets for your larger hands? We share where. The latest it bag? We share it! Where to get those wide width shoes? You guessed it, The Curvy Fashionista has it!

Baubles, Bracelets, and Rings for the Plus Size Jewelry Lover

Baubles, Bracelets, and Rings for the Plus Size Jewelry Lover

I love a good ring. Actually I LOVE a great ring. You will often catch me stacking the rings and bracelets, and jewels all up and down my arms. Call it an Arm Soiree… HOWEVER, finding plus size jewelry to accommodate your personal style and magpie wishes had once been a daunting task. I mean…  YOU … [Read more...]

The Maleficent Collection Lands at HSN

The Maleficent Collection Lands at HSN

I mean, leave it to Disney to give the grownups (or at least I think it is) their own version of a fairy tale… or in my head I like to think it is just for us.  I mean, Angelina Jolie? I believe she was born just for this role (although I have been a longtime fan of hers, for like, ever.) So as the … [Read more...]

Bag Lady: My Quinn Bag and HOBO Bags Celebrates 10 Years with the Lauren

Fall Holiday Lauren Hobo Clutch

This fall marks the 10th anniversary of Hobo Bags most iconic wallet, the Lauren.  To commemorate, Nordstrom is releasing their own exclusive Laurens for Fall/ Holiday. But before I get into this, let me share with you my latest Hobo Addition to my closet. I have owned a few pieces from them over … [Read more...]

Bag Lady: Onna Ehrlich Debuts New LA LUXE Collection

Onna Ehrlich Handbags

I've recently discovered I'm completely in love with accessories.  I love clothes with clean lines and sometimes crazy patterns.  However, the accessories?  That's where you can always do whatever you want to do.  It can change something simple into something glamorous and luxurious all in the … [Read more...]

Designer Spotlight: Dale Grey Vintage

Dale Grey vintage Logo

Fern Earrings | Pia Necklace I've been feeling the vintage love lately, and when I discovered Dale Grey Vintage, it was instant love. Dale Grey Vintage features vintage jewelry of all kinds - from earrings to necklaces to bracelets and more, they do not disappoint. Joi French, the designer behind … [Read more...]

Instantly Obsessed with Los Angeles Jewelry Designer Karen London

Los Angeles Jewelry Designer Karen London

Karen London. HOMIGAWD. If you have been following me for a bit, then you know I have a thing for rings. The more unique, the better. The edgier, the better. The fancier, the better. Add to this, that Karen London is an LA Based designer, I am even more hyped about this (for those who DON’T KNOW, … [Read more...]

Accessorize to Maximize: The Tropicana Collection from Ivory+Mason

Tropicana Collection by Ivory+Mason

Currently I am loving Sunglasses. After going to an event and seeing the varied new styles and silhouettes, I am thinking about stocking up on a few and taking them to get my prescription placed on them. No shame. The Tropicana Collection from Ivory+Mason is no exception. Why? Well, cause this … [Read more...]