Plus Size Style at Any Age- The #30PlusStyle Movement

Plus Size Style at Any Age- The #30PlusStyle Movement

You know, being a blogger you are always looking, searching, digging for the newest and latest things online. Well, over on Instagram, it is no different. A week ago or so, I was perusing my #TCFStyle hashtag to see what fab plus size fits were showing up and saw this hashtag that piqued my … [Read more...]

What Does a Plus Size Girl Wear to Date Night?

What does a plus size girl wear to date night? Whatever the heck she wants! Hey there, Bonnie HERE and I must say, I am so tired of the do’s and don’ts of dating. I am single now and after a bad divorce and a bad break up, I am back in the dating game! And let me tell you, there are a few good men … [Read more...]

Maxed Out: For the Love of the Maxi Skirt

Plus Size Maxi Skirts

Hey Loves!! This year the maxi skirt (and dress) has taken on new meaning in the fashion circles.  I'm so thankful for this!  I absolutely adore a maxi skirt. Last week, we just featured our Five Faves in Maxi Dresses (did you add your link of yourself in a maxi dress yet?), since we love … [Read more...]

Show Me, Style Me: White Hot Heat, Red and Blue Love

Fourth of JulyPlus SIze Outfit ideas

Hi Loves! This is always a fund week for those of us stateside.  I'm relishing in the idea of having a couple of extra days off.  With that, there are events to attend and clothes to be worn.  Here in DC, it's always hot and there's always so much going on!  I mean, it is the nation's … [Read more...]

Show Me, Style Me: Are You a Fan of Linen?

additionelle DKNY Linen Draped jacket

Welcome back to the Addition Elle Sponsored Style Series in which I will bring to you different looks, inspirations, and news from Addition Elle! I hope you enjoy and check out the brand! Me and linen are friends. We used to have a love hate relationship with it, but now, I love it. Living in … [Read more...]

Show Me, Style Me: The Art of Chambray

eShaShow Me Style Me- The Art of Chambray

It's no secret I absolutely love and adore chambray.  It screams classic, vintage style.  It's soft and lightweight.  It can be dressed up or down and it's a perfect addition to your wardrobe.   Chambray has a long history and one that's synonymous with World War II and as a workman's uniform.  In … [Read more...]

Show Me, Style Me: One Pair of (Plus Size Skinny Ankle) Jeans, Five Looks

show me style me Torrid Stiletto Jeans

Plus size skinny ankle jeans. I have heard many times, that a plus size woman cannot wear them, and they are not for us... PSHAW. As we have introduced this new segment, I wanted to give you a new outlet to see how you can style items in your closet for whatever the occasion, but more importantly … [Read more...]