Body Image

Perspectives on plus size, body image, self-esteem, and size acceptance from the blog and the media. Here we share tips, resources, and opinions on how we view ourselves, talk to others, and receive media in reception to our self worth.

Plus Size Artist Spotlight: David “ Moko Jumbie ” James

Plus Size Artist Spotlight: David “Moko Jumbie” James

You have to love social media and for the treasures you can find. In a random jaunt through Instagram, thanks to Pia from Chronicles of a Mixed Fat Chick, I found an artist whose work had me intrigued and a bit excited to share. I missed the past few weeks in sharing plus size art, have you checked … [Read more...]

Art Spotlight: Busty Girl Comics

Art Spotlight: Busty Girl Comics on The Curvy Fashionista #TCFStyle

Earlier this weekend, I shared a funny comic strip that quite a lot of you fell in love with too! I realized that I had to shine more of a light on Busty Girl Comics and the tongue in cheek illustrations that mirrored those of us who are blessed with a little bit up top. Are you familiar with this … [Read more...]

PLUS SIZE ART: La Belle Rafaela by Tamara de Lempicka and More

PLUS SIZE ART: La Belle Rafaela by Tamara de Lempicka and More

A few weeks back, on Facebook a reader shared a picture that I was completely enamored by and today I wanted to share this and a few others with you. As plus size art seems to be something that we all seem to resonate with, sharing more visual pieces of our form captured in paint, sculpture, or … [Read more...]

Introducing Vanity Fair’s “Women Who Do” Campaign

Vanity Fair Lingerie- For Women Who Do Campaign

Today, I have really cool news to share! You know, I do love a great bra, but even more than that- I LOVE a great and empowering message.  Are you familiar with Vanity Fair Lingerie? Well, today, they are kicking off their nationwide “Women Who Do” initiative and The Curvy Fashionista has been … [Read more...]

Art Spotlight: Making a Statement with Carol Rossetti

Art Spotlight: Making a Statement with Carol Rossetti

Last week when I shared our last plus size art feature, I was asking you how it made you feel. Hearing your thoughts and feelings about this made me smile from the inside even more. So, when I stumbled across this series from Brazilian graphic designer, Carol Rosetti, which started on Facebook, I … [Read more...]

My Love EVERY Body Post- Better Late than Never and My BUM

My Love EVERY Body Post

I have been going through a few changes as a woman lately. How I see/love myself, how I love, how I receive love, how I process things and just, life. Sure, at times we may all put on a smile and a laugh paired with the cutest of outfits, but inside, do you really love you? DO you really know WHO … [Read more...]

PLUS SIZE ART: Fluffy Fairies by Chelsea Perez

PLUS SIZE ART- Fluffy Fairies by Chelsea Perez

HOMIGAWD. I have a thing for fairies. I am not sure if I ever told any of ya’ll… I even have a fairy tattoo (perfectly hidden) and I have been tempted to get another one. So, when Miss @FluffyFairy_art started following me, you better believe I checked her out immediately! To my ELATION, I found … [Read more...]

Plus Size Sex Symbol? Plus Size Representation on TV.

Plus Size Sex Symbol- Plus Size Representation on TV.

Whenever I watch television shows, or movies, involving plus-size women, it is always the same old school stereotype: she is sad, with low self-esteem, poorly dressed, has no style and spends her nights at home alone fantasizing about being skinny. Otherwise, she is the funny fat girl who is the … [Read more...]

Plus Size Art: Making a Statement with Penny Candy Studios

Plus Size Art- Penny Candy Illustrations on The Curvy Fashionista

We have been long overdue with some fancy and playful plus size art here on the blog and today, I wanted to share with you the latest from an artist I stumbled up on Facebook. I saw this comic strip of sorts reminding us that no matter what, YOU’RE RAD. So, I immediately tracked down the artist, … [Read more...]

Plus Size Art: Fat Babe Designs by The NearSighted Owl

Fat Babe Designs by The Near Sighted Owl on The Curvy Fashionista

She is all kinds of amazing. I was first attracted to her art and then fellin love with her about page and then fell in deeper with her fab attitude and skills. This woman, Rachele (pronounced "Rachael") is the DOPE woman behind The Near Sighted Owl. With a strong hat tip to Michelle, I stumbled … [Read more...]