Have a favorite plus size actress or plus size singer? Chances are, she is here. From Queen Latifah, Amber RIley, Melissa McCarthy to Adele, we have the fashion and style news you can use from your favorite plus size celebrities.

Plus Size Fine Art: Sculptures by ROSE-AIMEE BELANGER

by Rose-Aimee Belanger - Plus Size Fine Art on The Curvy Fashionista

In my search to bring back the plus size art, I wanted to share something fun… bringing back the plus size art sculptures that you can collect and buy and own! But even better? Plus size fine art. Today’s featured artist who brings us this is ROSE-AIMEE BELANGER. It is an amazing thing, being … [Read more...]

Plus Size Art: Swimsuit Season by Simini Blocker

Swimwear Season by Simini Blocker on The Curvy Fashionista

Since we have been sharing different pieces of art on the blog, I have been even more determined to show and share those who celebrate us, showcase us, and give us a chance to see the beauty in our shapes. It really does a lot here for those who have left comments, messages, and have shared with … [Read more...]

Sipping in Style: Valentine’s Day Cocktails

Sipping in Style- Valentine’s Day

Sooo, how are YOU doing? A few days back on Facebook, I asked you about learning about a few great cocktails for Valentine’s Day… and YOUR RESPONSES? LOVED it! It was sooo great to know that you enjoy a great drink like I do! Ha! Some of you were leaving your own recipes and throwing out tips- LOVED … [Read more...]

Plus Size Art: Valentine’s Day Love and Inspiration

Plus Size Art: Valentine’s Day Love and Inspiration

As we come upon Valentine’s Day, I wanted to share art that, for me, invoked feelings of self-love. I have found, since we have started this plus size art feature, that there are soooo many beautiful plus size images to reference and share. Seeing these pieces of art make me happy. Make me excited … [Read more...]

Happy Valentine’s Week! Talking Self Love with a New Video

Talking Self Love with a New Video

So yeah, Valentine’s Day. A day of love and light and all the romantical movie themes you can think of… for some. For others, they see it as a reminder of their singledom- a reminder of being alone and without someone to call their own. HOWEVER, today, we are going to take a different approach to … [Read more...]

Get the Look: Amber Riley in Tadashi

Get the look Amber Riley

Amber Riley has been doing her thing!! She really has put curvy girls on the map. She was everywhere in 2013, with her role on Glee and even winning Dancing with the Stars, WERK! Amber is not slowing down and is starting off 2014 with a bang. She launched a plus size clothing boutique online which … [Read more...]

Plus Size Art: More To Love by Elizabeth Patch

Plus SIze Art more to love by elizabeth patch on The Curvy Fashionista

“Women should be measured by the lives we lead, not by the size we wear!” Artist of More to Love by Elizabeth Patch   As we come upon Valentine’s Day, while we talk sexy plus size lingerie and date night ideas, it is important to talk about self-love, loving yourself, and all of that jazz… … [Read more...]