Do you Love Your Body- Chenese and Whitney want you to!

Whitney Thompson and Chenese Lewis for Love Your Body Day

L.A. is notoriously known for their stereotypes of the “Thin is in” mentality- yet something is in the air in Southern Cali… Although you cannot drive down the 60, 10, or 15 freeways without the Lap Band ads knocking you on the head or the commercials with the Lap Band jingle, the plus size … [Read more...]

Think Body-Image Awareness is a faux pas? The Girl Scouts set it straight

Changing the Face of Fashion with the Girl Scouts

Have you noticed an ever-increasing awareness of advocates for positive body images, size acceptance, and fat activism?  If not, then let me introduce you to advocates like Jessica Weiner, Ben Barry, NAAFA, Every Body is Beautiful. The newest organization to join the campaign for a positive body … [Read more...]

The Infamous Lane Bryant Ad

Lane Bryant Linerie

Reflections of the Beauty oft Ignored Last week, news erupted throughout the internet about the blatant slight on not only Lane Bryant’s ad, but on plus women as a whole.  One I take extreme personal offense to.  While browsing through various blogs, who have shared the video, compared it to … [Read more...]