The Aussies adopt a Body Image code of conduct, now what?

Mexico.  France.  Now the Australians have taken a stance on body image.  Over the weekend, news broke from down under that the government has backed a voluntary code of conduct on Body Image. I have been sitting on this, thinking about the implications, societal implications, and perceptions … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Fat is NOT a Feeling


A few weeks ago, I came across a post by LaCara of Oh La La Curves and I loved it.  I invited her over to share her thoughts and elaborate a bit more on this topic which rang true to me, AND along the theme of this blog. Curvy.Conifdent.Chic. Please welcome Guest blogger, LaCara… Fat is … [Read more...]

The Infamous Lane Bryant Ad

Lane Bryant Linerie

Reflections of the Beauty oft Ignored Last week, news erupted throughout the internet about the blatant slight on not only Lane Bryant’s ad, but on plus women as a whole.  One I take extreme personal offense to.  While browsing through various blogs, who have shared the video, compared it to … [Read more...]

Being you is beautiful by Igigi

To show you and remind everyone that everybody is beautiful, plus size fashion designer, Igigi brings us the video "Being you is Beautiful" … [Read more...]

F.A.T.S = Forget All Those Stereotypes

F.A.T.S = Forget All Those Stereotypes

So the “Rolls of Confidence” girl is back for your reading pleasure.  Since we last convened, I am down to 355 pounds from 371.  I haven’t been to the gym as much in the last two weeks due to my schedule but was able to still drop a pound or two. I’ll never forget the day I heard … [Read more...]

Curvy Can- Set out to promote a positive body image

Curvy Can - I'm not a fashion victim

Through the mirage of a size zero being the only size deemed beautiful, are advocates who stand up and speak out against body image, size diversity, and awareness within the fashion industry. Another campaign exposing, educating, and empowering women through promoting a positive body image is the … [Read more...]

Rolls of Confidence

Gabourey Sidibe Confident with her curves

There is no way to sugar coat it, I like food; all kinds of food. One the best things in the world is the aroma of something good being prepared in the kitchen. I’m the fat kid rapper 50 Cent talked about when he made the analogy, “Love you like a fat kid loves cake!” Now before you … [Read more...]

A closer look at Embracing Your Figure


Loving the skin you are in Embracing Your Figure Fat. Thick.  Curvy.  Full-Figured. Round. Fluffy.  Sturdy.  Thick. Healthy.  Rotund.  Fatshionista.  Plus Size. Continuing on the thought about the conversation of plus size being a fad among the mainstream fashion scene, mockery, acceptance, or … [Read more...]

My letter to the retail industry- A declaration of my Plus Size Curves


Spending the last few weeks reading different blogs and talking it up with different people in the plus size retail industry, there were similar comments, frustrations, themes, and concerns that seemed to circulate repeatedly. With this, I thought that given a chance, I would address these all in … [Read more...]