The Infamous Lane Bryant Ad

Lane Bryant Linerie

Reflections of the Beauty oft Ignored Last week, news erupted throughout the internet about the blatant slight on not only Lane Bryant’s ad, but on plus women as a whole.  One I take extreme personal offense to.  While browsing through various blogs, who have shared the video, compared it to … [Read more...]

A closer look at Embracing Your Figure


Loving the skin you are in Embracing Your Figure Fat. Thick.  Curvy.  Full-Figured. Round. Fluffy.  Sturdy.  Thick. Healthy.  Rotund.  Fatshionista.  Plus Size. Continuing on the thought about the conversation of plus size being a fad among the mainstream fashion scene, mockery, acceptance, or … [Read more...]

My letter to the retail industry- A declaration of my Plus Size Curves


Spending the last few weeks reading different blogs and talking it up with different people in the plus size retail industry, there were similar comments, frustrations, themes, and concerns that seemed to circulate repeatedly. With this, I thought that given a chance, I would address these all in … [Read more...]