Red Lipstick Wars

Berry Bloom

I am not a lipstick wearer. For the longest time, I have always felt that lipstick was not for me, most notably red lipstick. While I have often admired the look of red lips on the Fashionistas- I have most notably convinced myself that Red Lipstick Is Not For Me So, a few weeks … [Read more...]

About Face- A confession

The Curvy Fashionista Beauty Beat

I have a secret. I am a makeup junkie! From YSL eyeliners, to NYX eyeshadows to MAC Blushes, I have to admit that I love and have always makeup! While I have not shared much on The Curvy Fashionista about makeup, I have to admit, I have been dying to do so! After years of working in departments … [Read more...]

The D.I.Y. Pedicure


The DIY Pedicure By Artemis I recently enjoyed a wonderful at home pedicure. As much as I enjoy the luxury of a professional taking care of my feet, finances often call for me to become my own pedicurist. It isn't hard to create a small spa at home, where you can relax for a an hour, put on … [Read more...]