Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs for The Curvy Fashionista

Q. How Can I get in touch with you?

For General Inquiries, Advertising, Business Opportunities, Thoughts, or Ideas please visit my Contact Page.

Q. How can I get the latest news and updates? Facebook doesn’t always show me your posts.

SUBSCRIBE! Please join over 23,000 readers who subscribe to my newsletter. It is sent out once a week, on Sundays. In addition you will get exclusive deals, promotions, and updates to those who are on the list first! Click here to subscribe!

Q. How can I have you cover/interview my event/product/news/client?

It varies greatly! There is so much going on in the world of plus size fashion, but first things first- it must be relevant.  The Curvy Fashionista delivers fashion from a plus perspective for the Curvy.Confident.Chic. plus size woman. If your pitch is not relevant OR I cannot figure out how to tweak the perspective to fit, sadly we are not a great fit.

What I do write about:

  • Plus Size Designers
  • New Collections
  • Plus size Fashion in the Media
  • Fashion Accessories
  • Beauty Products
  • Plus Size Celebrities or Celebrities Supporting Plus Size Fashion
  • Fashion Events
  • Tech
  • Travel

If your newsworthy item does not fit these categories, BUT have an angle I can write about- Please feel free to Contact ME! I am always willing and open to different perspectives and ideas!

Also if you would like for me to attend your event, please note that I am based in Atlanta.  Unless you are willing to accommodate my travel and lodging, chances are that I may not make it. However with ample time, I either may have someone attend to cover or be there in person!

Q. How can I get my boutique listed in the directory?

We created the plus size boutique directory to give the plus size shopper a place and space to find all of the places where she could go and shop- asides form the chain stores. The boutique directory is for physical boutiques only. If this is you, please submit via the Submit Your Boutique page!

Q. Where can I buy the items you feature? 

While I would love to have a store, I am a fashion blog, not a store. When I do feature items form various designers and retailers, I always include the links to buy from them directly. If the item is no longer on their site, I cannot help you here- I am soooo sorry!

Q. What is the TCF Forum and how can I join? 

The TCF Forum was created as a space to bring together readers of the blog and fans of plus size fashion to network, support, and share all kinds of coolness around plus size fashion. To join is easy, please register here!

Q. I would like to contribute. Do you accept guest posts or contributors?

I LOVE to spotlight other bloggers, writers, or those who wish to share their perspective on a subject covered on the Curvy Fashionista! Please email me at info {at} marie denee {dot} com with your pitch and background information and we can chat!

Q. Will you look at my modeling portfolio or give me tips into breaking into plus size modeling?

The Curvy Fashionista is not an agency, nor do I hire models. While I appreciate you for reaching out to me, I suggest you reference the Plus Size Modeling Resources– a special page set up for YOU- the aspiring model.

Q. Do you have any jobs/internships available at The Curvy Fashionista?

Currently, I am not hiring, HOWEVER I am ALWAYS looking for a great intern! If you are interested, please send me an email with you resume, a cover letter, and your availability. In your cover letter, please share how you feel you would be a great match for The Curvy Fashionista.

Q. Can you help me find an outfit or item for my wardrobe?

Shoot me an email! I am able to answer Style Q&A on/for the blog, but in person, I cannot. I am more than happy to refer you to someone who may be close to you!


If these questions do not help and you need to chat a bit more, please email me!

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1 Comment

  1. Blythe

    October 24, 2016 at 10:42 AM

    What brand/make is your closet? Like the actual closet solution. It looks fantastic.

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