Looking for Inspiration and Organization? 15 Planners To Help You Slay and Conquer 2017!

Planners to Slay and Conquer 2017 (11)

At this point, we’ve all made at least a few resolutions for the upcoming new year. Promises to work smarter, eat right, get more exercise, be goal diggers and so on. And since we’re out here with our sights on 2017 with vows to slay and conquer, why not make it official with the ultimate planner?

From dentist appointments and meetings to due dates for bills and life goals, the planner is a pretty essential tool especially for #girlboss keeping it all together. Over here, we keep a notebook. Like you always bet, that no matter where we are, we will always have and will always rock a mini notebook with us, especially Marie. While she uses this to organize her thoughts, goals, ideas, and daily to dos, I know that there has to be a better way to do this and we have been exploring the idea of rocking with a planner.

And today we’ve rounded up 15 planners that are stylish and functional enough to help you meet your goals and conquer 2017.

You ready?

15 Journals and Planners To Help You Get 2017 In Formation


This is My Year JournalThis is My Year Journal by MyTaughtYou.com 


must have planners for 2017

2017 Erin Condren LifePlanner™ Stylized Organizer at Erincondren.com

Im A Purpose Planner

The Power of a Habit Journal at ImaPurposePlanner.com

Planners to Slay and Conquer 2017 (4)Sugar Paper® White Weekly Planner at Target.com

Dream Year PlannerDream Year Planner at BernettaStyle.com

Planners to Slay and Conquer 2017 (3)

Moleskin 2017 Daily Planner at Amazon.com


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Gratitude Journal by Kim McCarterGratitude Journal from KimMcCarter.com


Planners to Slay and Conquer 2017 (20)

2017 Get To Work Book at Gettoworkbook.com

The Happiness Planner 2

The Happiness Journal by TheHappinessPlanner.com


Planners to Slay and Conquer 2017 (7)

Epic Blog Planner at Amazon.com


Planners to Slay and Conquer 2017 (10)

Ink and Volt Planner at Inkandvolt.com

Planners to Slay and Conquer 2017 (19)

Ultimate Planner and Notebook at Bloomplanners.com

Planners to Slay and Conquer 2017 (22)

Personal Planner at Kikki. K at kikki-k.com


Planners to Slay and Conquer 2017 (1)

Simple Seize the Day Planner at Mochithings.com


Planners to Slay and Conquer 2017 (6)

kate spade new york Diary of a Young Lady Planner 2017 at Papersource.com


How awesome are these planners?? Do you already have a few from last year? Do you even find planners effective?

Every day, more people are relying on planners to stay organized and up-to-date on everything, some do more than help organize your life, there are some available that help you to remain inspired, motivated, and productive. They even come in fashionable designs and colors to fit your style.

I bet you’re ready to take on the world and get to planning some real sh*t. I know I’m ready! Planners make a great gift for just about anyone who likes to stay organized or who is working on becoming more organized like me. I’m a bit of a planner newbie, so all of this is pretty new to me, but we are hyped over here!

Do you have a planner? What tips would you share to fellow planners?

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