Gotta Have It: These Lovedrobe Luxe Embellished Leggings!

Lovedrobe Luxe Embellished Plus Size Leggings

Girl. Where is the party? Because today’s Gotta Have It? Screams festivities and shenanigans. It is not for the shy or demure and these are tons of fun! I can already imagine how these Lovedrobe Luxe Embellished Leggings would shut everything all the way down! The question is, would you? Could you?

Lovedrobe Luxe Embellished Plus Size Leggings

I remember a time where finding unique, bold, and playful pieces was a random and a gem of a find. Now? There are more than a few designers and retailers who push the envelope and introduce new silhouettes, styles, and shapes for the varying personal styles and tastes for us plus size women… it is quite exciting!

Lovedrobe Luxe Embellished Plus Size Leggings

Seriously… I have seen sequined denim, a few sequined leggings, but beaded? Nope. And how the model is rocking them? I love this party ensemble! In my head, if I was uber bold and daring, I would make these mine and hair this back to a bodysuit and leather moto and sashay through the day! I mean… why not?

Asides from the fact that I love all things sparkly and shiny, I can see these also paired with a relaxed cropped tee or ohhhhhhh an oversized white button up! I mean, there are a few ways to rock this and they are too much fun! Worst case scenario? To the grocery store. I feel like that’s the default for everything!

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Lovedrobe Luxe Embellished Plus Size Leggings

You can snag these fancy pants up by Lovedrobe from!

Are you feeling these?! Could you see yourself playing in these? Where would you rock these to? Is this something that you would buy for inspiration but that would stay hung in your closet?

These are super fancy. And make me smile. Hard.

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