Gotta Have It: This Sequins Bodysuit from Eloquii

Studio V-Neck Plus Size Sequin Bodysuit at Eloquii

It has been a loooong minute since I have done a Gotta Have It post and this week, we are jumpstarting this series back, bringing you daily must have finds across the net. I mean… you ever see an item and be like, “ooooooooooh!” For me, this is daily and oftentimes, I do not get the chance to come back and share them with you! So what we are doing is bring back this spotlight to show and share our fave finds that YOU HAVE TO HAVE in plus size fashion! This can be shoes, accessories, and depending on what moon it is, tech and beauty! You never know!

So today, we kick off this week’s Gotta Have It with this uber fancy and definite must have, that I have NOT seen before, but that I need to get my hands on! I do not know how you feel about sequins, but I happen to LOVE them. But when you add sequins to a bodysuit? I am soooooo intrigued. And this is exactly what Eloquii did with this Studio V-Neck Sequin Bodysuit!

Studio V-Neck Plus Size Sequin Bodysuit at Eloquii

Girl. In gold too? I see soooo many ways to pair this up, make it daytime shine and belle of the ball! Even taken back to a badass leather midi skirt. Ohhhhhh. How about off white wide leg pants?! Or even a tulle full maxi skirt? Denim and stilettos?Studio V-Neck Plus Size Sequin Bodysuit at Eloquii

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As you can see here, the possibilities run the gamut! I think I need this bodysuit and stat. AND. Annnnnnd this also comes in black!

Studio V-Neck Plus Size Sequin Bodysuit at Eloquii

Studio V-Neck Plus Size Sequin Bodysuit at Eloquii

JUST in case the gold is too much for you OR you happen to love it so much that you need this in all of the colors of the rainbow. I can see this in white or emerald! Yes. Emerald and even a red. I hope they hear me and grant my holiday wish, because… this top looks like so much fun!

In love too? You can get this NOW at!

I am seriously dying to have this and you know Eloquii always has a deal or sale… I gotta have it! Even better? She goes up to a size 28!

What do you think? How would you rock this? Where would you wear this top to? Let’s chat about it…

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