Gotta Have It: Body Love: A Fat Activism Coloring Book

To every person who has ever looked in the mirror and hated what they saw. You do not have to feel like this.

I am always here for plus size art. Always. And today, although I am late to this party, I wanted to share with you the plus size coloring book featuring some of plus size community’s vocal leaders! Thanks to Allison Tunis’s book, Body Love: A Fat Activism Coloring Book, we have our very own coloring book, that celebrates the voices who challenge and champion body positivity, fat activism, and visibility!

Body Positivity and Fat Activism are based on the notion that respect for other people should not be given out based on perceived notions of health, outdated standards of beauty, or any other aesthetic considerations of someone’s body. Everyone deserves respect.

Allison marries art therapy and body positivity in her coloring book, and presents this as her way of thanking those who have helped see her realize her own beauty along the way. What an amazing tribute!Body Love A Fat Activism Coloring Book

 There’s this whole community of amazing people who do amazing things — and their bodies are a part of that,” Tunis says. “It’s not that they are amazing in spite of their bodies. They are amazing because they are embracing their bodies. I remember there are people who love them and find them attractive. I don’t have to feel this way.

Body Love A Fat Activism Coloring Book

I wonder how my journey into self-love would have been positively impacted, had I had one of these books to play in and with! I love this message and voice this gives us, within the community. I already have a Fat Mermaids book coming to me and I cannot wait to add this one to my arsenal!

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Body Love A Fat Activism Coloring Book

Even better? When you purchase a book, a portion of the profits from the book go to each of the personalities represented, or will be donated on their behalf to the Canadian Mental Health Organization! How about that for giving back?

Body Love A Fat Activism Coloring Book You can score this book, NOW at!

I need one of these, stat! Hehehehe

What about you? Will you be ordering one of these coloring books for yourself or friends & family? I think this will be an amazing Christmas Gift!

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