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Show Me, Style Me: These 11 Plus Size Bloggers are Winning In Flats


There’s something about wearing heels that makes a women feel sexy, powerful, confident and in my case tall; because I’m only 5 feet – even. Not all of us can, or even want to, wear heels all the time. Yet some of us wouldn’t be caught on our worst day in anything less than 3 inches. But let’s be real, most of us prefer flats over heels. As a stylist, I’m always looking for ways to enhance my overall style aesthetic. With spring right around the bend, I’ve decided to commit to wearing more flat shoe styles.

And I extend my personal challenge to you! The next time you’re out shoe shopping, considering going for that playful print or that bold color. Did you catch Marie’s Fancy Flats Roundup!?! She gave you over 15 pairs of flats!  I dare you to step outside your style box and shake it up a bit! If you happen to be a visual person like me and you need to see some of these suggestions in real life check out a few of my fave style bloggers who are winning in their flats!

These 11 Plus Size Bloggers are Winning In Flats

(and so can you!)

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