Full Figured Bras + Tech = Brayola + My Curated Picks + a Giveaway

The Curvy Fashionista and Brayola Curated Full Figured Bra Picks and Giveaway

Bras. We need them, love them and hate them. Shopping for them, can at most times be a nightmare. Especially if you hadn’t been fitted within a year’s time! However, what if we could imagine a place where all of the bra designers you love, in your size, and favorite colors existed. A space that others shared fit tips about these bras and cup options. This is exactly what Brayola is and does! I was invited to take a tour; pick out my favorite bras, and share them with you in a nicely curated space (Take a peek at my faves!) within their uber vast assortment of options! So today, we talk full figured bras and Brayola!

“Brayola was created for women like you, who just want to be able to find the perfect bra. With the help of other women around the world, sharing their bras that they love, you can now discover your next favorite bra.”


The Curvy Fashionista and Brayola Curated Full Figured Bra Picks and Giveaway

How does it work?

Well… They have this really short and cute video for you to watch!


Okay, so now that you watched the video, you are probably like, now what? Right? Well, get this… with all of this nifty technology, as you start to fill out your profile at Brayola.com, they ask for your bra brand, the style, and the size. Then you go through a vast array of bras and mark the ones you have and love! But here is where I think some of the coolness is– not only does your closet do some deducing and analyzing to pick out your best fits and sizes and styles, but you also get to see how these bras look on everyday women like you and I! (because sometimes, the models don’t do it for you… I understand…)

So like, I love need a great push up. (I do not have top cleavage, thanks to the side boobage that I have) and I have noticed that certain styles of cups do not work for me. So I went through and chose the ones I have that rock my world and ones that I dig… after making more than a few choices, I was able to come back to “My Bra Matches” to see tons of fab options IN MY SIZE, that make the girls “Lift and Separate!” Hehehe!

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Hello Curated Picks for YOU!

The Curvy Fashionista and Brayola Curated Full Figured Bra Picks and Giveaway

It is like my own personal shop of full figured bras in a 36 E, which are always updating, just for me. In my size. In my favorite styles. Gotta love technology, right??

Want to know what is even cooler?

A Giveaway.


You see, what good is it for me to talk to you about new technology and bras than to hook up FOUR OF YOU with $250 to spend on bras!?!?

YUP. That is right! Four lucky winners will score $250 to shop at Brayola for the bras of their dreams!

Who loves you!?!

So what do you have to do to enter? Well… As always, I am going to make it easy for you! You have to sign up for Brayola and drop a comment below! The more actions you take, the more entries you earn! The more entries, the better your chances of scoring bras from Freya, Elomi, Parfait by Affinitas, and soooo many more! Just fill out the form below!

You ready? You better move fast, you only have until April 21, at 11:59 PM PST to enter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

How cool is this right? Hehehe, I love when tech and fashion come together in dope and helpful ways!


*Disclosure* This is a sponsored giveaway and post by Brayola. My opinions, excitement about this tech, and my experiences are my own and no one else’s.


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Comments (76)

  1. This would make my year! Recently lost a little weight and my favorite bras don’t fit so right anymore! Winning $250 to spend on bras would be a dream come true

  2. This is really great! It’s so hard to find a great fitted bra. I would love to win this because I can’t afford any bras being a G cup. I’ve been rocking my DDD and F bras from 2012. I know bad, but full figured bras are so expensive!

  3. This is one of those websites (brayola) that i would see online and possibly just pass up thinking “yeah right, that won’t work for me”. But the mere fact that you are backing it up, asking us to give it a chance is wonderful! Could it really be this awesome? I’m so stoked to try it out! ❤ from Cali

    1. you know, it is funny, going back and adding a few to my shopping cart to think- literally my size pop up and various designers brands an d then sizing options too… the tech part of determining the cuts, shapes, and sizes based on what you already have is what did it for me.

  4. This would be amazing! I recently discovered I’ve been wearing the wrong size for years…so the option to have some custom chosen pieces in a size to fit would be wonderful!

  5. I like the Infinite Possibilities bra on your list, so I was excited to get a list of my own. I was disappointed by the offerings on my list. Many were very matronly and looked like something my grandmother wore. And most of them were modeled on thin women, so it wasn’t very helpful. I tried to Shop by Women & I got one choice that was actually in stock and it was a sports bra. One choice. I put in four bras that I own to try and get a better selection, but it was more of the same. Frustrating.

      1. No. I looked for a while at different styles, but I guess no one wants to #bmodel anything I like. Disappointing, but it won’t stop me from trying the styles for myself!

    1. Hey Kelly R,

      If your recommendations are “Perfect Match” this means you get to see sizes and styles based on what other women exactly like you are wearing. IF you don’t get a perfect match, then its based on general sizes and styles. We have such a huge variety that we show a lot of whats popular, which can be (for larger sizes) the more “matronly” bras. Let us know your username, or email address so we can look into your profile and see what’s been recommended. We can always help you out and find exactly what you are looking for 🙂
      Drop me an email at support@brayola.com and we will be more than happy to help you 🙂

  6. So, I always bought my bras from Cacique (Lane Bryant) because as I gain weight, my boobs get bigger. I was wearing a 40H until I walked into Suzette’s (a lingerie & bra shop that carries all the way up to a P cup…yes…a “P”) and learned that I am actually a 38J. I had recently discussed getting a reduction w/ my doc because boobs this size are heavy, but when I tried on the 38J bra I realized I just needed more support. I couldnt afford the bras in Suzettes so I left…with my wrong size bra & have been wearing them ever since 🙁 Now that I know my true size…winning this giveaway would be so dope! Thanks for always thinking of us Marie, and staying on top of what curvy girls need.

  7. Although I’ve found a private brand that I love (Essential Bodywear), they have limited style options for the expanded size range. My spectacular 40G’s love variety. I sometimes wear 40DDD’s from Lane Bryant, but they aren’t long-wearing for me. Usually within an hour they’re tired of all the work and start slacking off on the job. 🙂

    I’m looking forward to seeing options that are custom-tailored for my shape and my taste. Thank you for turning me on to Brayola.com!

  8. GIRL: These H’s (as in huge) need this Brayola you speak of! Thank you for this generous giveaway. We (as in me *and* my girls) would love to win. THANK YOU, Marie + Brayola!

  9. I love this giveaway! I love all the recommendations at Brayola, too! I’d get another t-shirt bra, a strapless or convertible bra, and something sassy and fun!

  10. Lovin the Goddess bra, but as I keep looking….all of them are sexy & beautiful! Can’t wait to order some and hope I’m a lucky winner!!

  11. A $250 gift certificate to buy some good bras? Yes, please! Side note: I wish they had more brown bras to choose from. This chocolate needs chocolate bras beneath my shirts so that I’m not showing off all my goodies—you know what I’m saying. Put in a word, Marie. Put in a word for me.

  12. It’s so nice to have options that are functional and PRETTY. I really like the Fantasie Elodie Underwire Side Support Bra (2182). Great choice!

  13. Made me realize how long it’s been since I bought any new bras. Big boobs + being super poor = wearing bras waaaaaaaaay longer than you should. Maybe I’ll be able to buy new ones in the next couple years. Hope these hold out long enough.

  14. I absolutely love the Le Mystere Dream Tisha Lace T-Shirt Bra that was in your collection. It is so pretty!!

  15. Thank you Marie Denee for doing the dirty work for us. I love reading what you found for the Curvy Diva in all of us!

    I Love AND Hate Bra shopping. I am just like the video…., find 10 bra’s enter dressing room and pray. Will it fit, will it lift, can I breath, will I have top or side spillage! Eureka, one that fits and make my girls sing Glory Hallelujah!

    I’m looking forward to using Brayola, and hopefully winning this contest. I NEED & WANT new bra’s! They can make or break your outfit! Being in the public everyday, it’s important to always look my best, and it all starts with your breast! Now we can say, it Allstate starts with Brayola and The Curvy Fashionista! Thank you!

  16. The selection of sports bras are awesome! I have the haedest time finding a bra that keeps the girls in place while I’m working out.

  17. This is exciting! I love in a small city and there just aren’t very many options for buying bras in my size. I usually drive an hour to go bra shopping.

  18. Having a very large torso, I need a bra size that is outside the norm.

    As usual, once we got to the *recommendations* section, Brayola continued to *recommend* to me bras that don’t even come NEAR to my size.

    Not a great recommendation machine they’ve got. Very disappointing.

  19. I am so loving there styles, especially the Le Mystere Infinite Possibilities Bras. So many choices, I am loving them all.

  20. Loooove this so much <3 Usually I just stick to one brand (VS) because I know how it fits and I like how they look on me. But I get so sick of the limited variety they have in plus size. This is a great way of getting a wider variety of bra's that I will like and I won't have to worry if they have my size! Brilliant Idea 🙂

  21. I think the site is a great concept IF you have a bra you currently like. I have about a dozen bras, & none of them are comfortable! I’m about a 42Dd or DDD. I have to do things like pin the strap adjusted in place so the straps don’t loosen & slip down my arms! Then there are the ones that seem right, but then I realize I’m “peeking out” of the bottom! I’ve had to wear a bra since I was 9 (42 now). I wish I could find one I liked (& yes, I was “fitted” before & after a day, I had huge red gouges on my shoulders)!

    It’d be great to get one that’s right!!!

  22. Affording the kind of bras I require is the bane of my existence. I can usually afford two at a time, at most, and wear them until they’re threadbare. This would give ma a bra wardrobe. It would be amazing. I love the site and am probably going to buy my bras there from now on.

  23. I’m so excited about this! I tend to have a hard time finding bras that fit well and this sounds like a lifesaver.

  24. WOOOOW!
    This is ten shades of purrfectto!

    Thank you Marie! I can suddenly find all the support for my girls in one place…:-)

    Just what i needed!

  25. I am dying to try some of the sports bras you showed and the Fantasie Belle bra with the lace is everything I have ever wanted!

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