#TCFTurns6 Giveaway: Holiday Stylin’ with Lane Bryant

TCFTurns6 Giveaway with Lane Bryant

Heyyy girl hey! How are you doing?! It is the first week of December and just getting started with the celebrations of the blog turning six! Can you believe it? In addition, WHY did I start in December? IONO. LOL HOWEVER… this doesn’t mean that we cannot play and celebrate and have a great time- Right? And today to help us have a little fun, Lane Bryant has stepped into the mix with TWO GREAT GIVEAWAYS!

Two lucky readers of the blog will score $300 gift cards to spend at Lane Bryant! (Because 2 x 3=6, get it?)And being that we are at the beginning of the month, this means perfect timing for that dress from Isabel Toledo or a new Sophie Theallet set, those new OTK boots, or something festive and sexy from the Seriously Sexy collection from Cacique– obvs you can see where my mind is at… what?! IJS.
TCFTurns6 Giveaway with Lane Bryant

To enter, it is easy! For each action you earn points! The more actions you complete, the more points you earn! It is that easy… Tell us your fave finds from the site, share the links (I am nosy), like and follow us, and voila! You have entered! Exciting yes?!

Are you ready? Here we go!

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#TCFTurns6 Giveaway: Holiday Stylin’ with Lane Bryant

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You have until 12/09 at 11:59 pm PST to enter! Move fast! Remember, some of the actions you can perform daily! ALSO: Some had shared that you had some troubles entering, try on your desktop!

DEAL ALERT: Save up to $75 with Coupon Code DECGIFTLB At Lane Bryant! Offer Valid 12/2 – 12/19. Online Only.

PS. Have you entered the other TCFTurns6 Giveaway?

The Monif C Plus Size Giveaway as well?!

Make sure you get them all in!

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Comments (88)

  1. I’ve been cosplaying all year and it’s been a blast, but now I can use a shopping spree for some gorgeous new clothes for the winter. Cute sweaters, fun pajamas, anything is fair game 🙂

  2. I need the boots because in Boston we have long cold winters, but a plus size girl like me, I like to look trendy and fab!!! Happy Holidays!!

  3. Congratulations on your blog-versary! I only found this wonderful place last year and it has brought me so much inspiration. My fashion and my confidence has grown by leaps and bounds because of The Curvy Fashionista! My favorite piece from Lane Bryant is from the Isabel Toledo line. You can find it here: http://www.lanebryant.com/designers/isabel-toledo/luxe-wrap-coat-by-isabel-toledo/21289c21251p210859/index.pro?selectedColor=Black&selectedSize=None%20selected

  4. I hate that I have to say that I really need office clothing for work, but the most needed things I need is shoes. At a size 12 wide, its hard to find good shoes that last. I have to horde what shoes I do find and can afford, but I dream about having fancy heels that fit my farm girl feet. http://www.lanebryant.com/trendy-plus-size-clothing-in-fashionable-styles/party-perfect/metallic-ankle-strap-heel/4000c21345p216951/index.pro?selectedColor=None%20selected&selectedSize=None%20selected

  5. Well, dang, I really need some bras, but what I would *actually* get are definitely items from the Isabel Toledo line, such as the Pyramid Top and Scallop Edge Lace Tunic. *swoon*

  6. It’s so hard to choose! I’ve been looking and looking over and over and STILL can’t decide! The dresses are so beautiful.

  7. Lane Bryant has some very pretty dresses that would be perfect for the Women’s Dessert at my church. I also love their sweaters and boots. I also need to be measured and get some new bras.

  8. I would LOVE this!! I buy everything I wear at Lane Bryant, down to my underwear! (I know, TMI). They have some great holiday dresses I would love to get for my Christmas parties this year but can’t afford, so pick me!!!!

  9. I’m seriously in love with the Satin & lace corset, it’s gorgeous and sexy! I need some jeans also becuase I recently lost 40lbs and I need to revamp my entire wardrobe. The good side effect of weight loss is a self confidence booster, the bad is none of your clothes fit you any more. I am proud of myself tough for my accomplishment!

  10. Since I love LB’s underwear,I would stock up on those first.I’ve been needing some active wear,so I think I would get these.Been looking for pants that would give some support (like a bra,LOL),but for my tummy and I think these might work.
    Then some PJ’s,probably these pants,but may go for a set.Only the sets worry me cause I’m a different size on top and bottom.lol.
    If I did a set,any of these.
    Depending on what I had left,maybe one of these dress. <3 _ <3
    Yup,wouldn't be hard for me to spend $300,at all.

  11. Lol,I commented without reading thinking it would like the other giveaway.I’m pretty in love with that Siren Lace dress,so if it was one item,ya,that would be it.

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