SHOP Violeta by Mango Plus Sizes ONLINE in the US- NOW

Violeta by Mango Plus Size Fall Look Book

[tps_header]This is exciting. Curious. Intriguing.

I have written about and featured Violeta by Mango a few times- met with mixed emotions, but when we have more options, it is something to note. For the inbetweenie and on the smaller side of plus size Mango provides an option to the mix. In size 8-20, contemporary plus size label Violeta provides a classic and sleek range of clothes to shop from and most recently, Mango announced that we can SHOP Violeta by Mango Plus Sizes ONLINE in the US!

“Dressing the modern, urban women for her daily needs”

Once only open to the international set, if the aesthetic of Mango appeals to you, then you have the chance to shop from and build your wardrobe with classic pieces, delectable knits, wear to work options and a few fun trousers that are far from boring.

Take a look at the look book, one they put out each delivery and season for you to draw inspiration from!

Violeta by Mango Fall Look Book [/tps_header]

Violeta by Mango Plus Size Fall Look Book

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  1. Wow! I kind of want it all — my style to a T. I would buy that grey coat in a hot second if I lived where I needed it. I don’t love that the sizing stops at 20.I have no issues with that on top but depending on how they’re cut the pants and jeans may or may not work for me. I hope it does well enough that they expand the range so it’s open to all.

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