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Headed on my Cross Country Trip- My Road Trip Fashion Checklist and Essentials

Okay. If you have been following me on Facebook or Twitter, then you know that I am heading on a road trip that will land me in Atlanta- THIS is a 2500 mile DRIVE. I have never had the pleasure of doing a grown up major road trip (Vegas doesn’t count for me) and since it was on one of those bucket lists I had made moons ago, I thought, right before my birthday? Why NOT?

So knowing that I was going to be on the road for a minute, I KNEW I wanted to be comfy, somewhat cute, and definitely playful! SO I reached out to Addition Elle to play in a few items and to create my fashion checklist with items that I KNEW I needed to take with me, in addition to a few tried and true staples!

2500 MILES. FOUR Days. Four LONG DAYS. If I wanted to push it, I could get there sooner, but um… yeah. Nope. I am trying to keep my sanity and at least I can stop at my father’s house along the drive! Hey Dad!

So what does this fashion checklist consist of? Well, there were a few things to consider:

Comfort | Breathability | Flexibility | Durability

My Road Trip Fashion Checklist and Essentials

Once I got those out of the way, this is what I picked out for my trip from Addition Elle’s pre-fall look book and what I added for my HAD TO HAVE list:

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My Road Trip Fashion Checklist

  • A pair of Parasuco jeans
  • A relaxed tee
  • A baby doll dress
  • My letterman jacket (some nights in the desert, it can get chilly)
  • A casual midi dress (hey, who knows what could happen!)

In addition to:

  • My uber comfy booty shorts
  • A casual maxi dress
  • A few bras and chonies

BUT the necessities, after all this is a road trip! SO let me share with you other Road Trip Essentials!

My Road Trip Essentials

The Tech

  • My new phone! I got this new Samsung S5, so I plan to snap away!
  • Tablet- YES, I have this and will be keeping this handy! My Samsung tablet (part of my deal with the phone- woot!)
  • Camera- My Pentax will capture the moments. I will have this to snap, snap, snap and shoot video along the way to make something all pretty to share!
  • Charger- Not only will I have my phone chargers, but I have a backup battery charged. And two more rechargeable chargers.

The Comfort

  • My pillow- for when it is my turn to conk out, hey!
  • Music- I have cd’s (yes, I do) but also Spotify and Sirius XM in my car!
  • Snacks- I am sure we will need to officially recharge, but my twizzlers, dried fruit, and fancy lay’s flavored chips. I am ready.

The Lifeline

  • OnStar- this is one thing I am really grateful for. On Star will be my peace of mind.
  • My map- even though I have Onstar, my printed route, having a map is always handy to know where the hell I am going!
  • My Flip flops- this Cali girl needs her flip flops. Period.
  • Toiletries- the shampoo, makeup, toothpaste/brush, face wash, lotion, feminine stuff, all of that good jazz- YOU KNOW!
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These are just a few of the items I need and have to have with me on this road trip! Make sure you are following me on Facebook and on Instagram (@mariedenee) to follow along this journey with me!

Make sure you check out Addition Elle’s New Fall Arrivals while you are in the mood to shop too!

Who knows, maybe I will do a meetup in Atlanta- would you come? Let me know in the comments!

Who knows, I may like it so much that I will stay!! HAHA!

What do you pack on your road trips? Have you been on one? Are you planning one? Let me know!


 *This post was sponsored by Addition Elle but the thoughts, ideas, and excitement are all my own!*

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